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Published on October 14th, 2022 | by richvongod


Meet DaFixx Radio , Stellar Award Winner on SiriusXM Channel 154

Who is DaFixx? And what exactly are they fixing, you might ask? Well, after years of tuning in and following their now, nationally syndicated platform, it is safe to call DaFixx, “Da Answer” to what once was an urban, Christian-Music-Lover’s’, problem. DaFixx Radio Show, Stellar Award Winner, is a faith infused Hip-Hop/R&B music, and Spoken Word/Poetry platform, where their mission is to expose the culture of positive but relevant music that professes to keep Jesus Christ at the center of the message.

Not only is the music the mission, but each show is riddled with real talk topics that span from theological discussions, to mental health awareness, to trending topics, and all things relevant to urban, Christian culture. Since the inception of DaFixx, long before they became a national household name, they’ve been known for giving artists from all walks of life equal opportunity and unbiased airplay. One might even think that their mission is, “the more underground the artist, the better,” as the creator, founder and CEO of DaFixx, Dj Focus, have a seemingly uncanny ability of discovering new artists and their music, long before either of them reaches a mainstream status.

I have personally come to know and love some of my favorite Christian Hip-Hop artists, through new releases only heard on DaFixx Radio Show, and from dope interviews with once unknown artists. With every new spin and one-on-one sit down with an artist to discuss their music, DaFixx listener’s are given the unique opportunity to get to know their artistry better. The artist interviews uncover their perspectives on both music and Christian culture, and allows for the  DaFixx Radio audience to get a glimpse of their music and their faith on a deeper level.

Though the heart of their mission extends to all artists no matter how underground, they are, let’s not get it twisted, the DaFixx Radio Show has been host to some of the most notorious and world renown names in Christendom! That said, DaFixx can be prescribed for more than just “a fix” for hot music and hot topics, but is an equally valuable source of spiritual encouragement and daily inspiration. With their edgy (and sometimes controversial) dialogue and content, their platform challenges your thinking, but more importantly, stirs up your “spirit man” to do the thinking on your behalf. As well-known leaders in the faith community and their local churches and congregations, DaFixx Radio Host, Dj Focus, and Co-Host, Dice Gamble, incite a Holy Spirit filled experience from start to finish! Thanks to DaFixx, Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) and other faith-infused platforms have been positively changed forever, and with their growing popularity and apparent impact on Christian music culture, it’s clear that DA FIXX IS IN! And they’re not going anywhere, anytime soon! 

Tune in to DaFixx weekday mornings at 6 AM EST on Holy Culture Radio (SiriusXM Channel 154), and Saturday 2 PM- 5 PM EST on Power 89.1 WNZN-FM 

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