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Published on March 2nd, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Yog Westwood and Bookie Hit Hard with ‘#4DaCulture’

Yog Westwood - © Roshan Spottsville 2018

Yog Westwood – © Roshan Spottsville 2018

Phoenix, Arizona rapper and creative, Yog Westwood, just released his latest single, #4DaCulture, a collab with spitter Bookie (Prod. by DRE LESIAN) via DaFactory Music Group and Grindmode Entertainment. As a South Central dweller myself, I appreciate the signature story and sound Westwood and Bookie captured on this banger. Together, they celebrate and highlight the powerful elements which earned West Coast Hip Hop a prominent position in the music scene during its heyday.

#4DaCulture Delivers Definitive West Coast Stylings

From the heavy bottom and crisp mids to the definitive synths and snares, #4DaCulture embodies the full spectrum of sound and style of music for the hood but without violence. The impact of the West Coast street culture and music can be seen as far away as Japan, as regards modes of dress, lowrider cars, music, and dance and this song is a showcase of that signature sound and culture. Yog and Bookie captured this essence and are putting it on the brain for a new generation looking for something real, not cookie cutter, made up, or quite frankly, OVER produced, imo.

The production on this single is outstanding and not overdone, it’s a powerful track that connects with those who love sonic bangers. If you’ve ever been wowed by someone really dope making a beat on a steel table with a cup or pencil, and fist in the dayroom or on the tier, you’ll feel me.

The Voices as Instruments

Bookie, whose verse opens the joint sets the tone and pace, which perfectly meshes with Westwood whose opening riff gets straight to it. Both have voices that drive the point home and for real, if you’ve been on the block or in the park with your comrades, you can close your eyes and hear the OOGz talking…memories. I swear in my mind’s eye, the song had me bailing down the one-way and hitting the dips…it’s a Groove thing…something you can walk to…but I digress!


The single is supported by a straightforward video that brings moments of comic relief and a salute to Ice Cube’s “Friday” series opener. It’s a timely and important reminder of the times and foundation of a sound which impacted the world of music and film and is once again ready to capture hearts and minds.

Why Are We Here?

I first ran across Yog Westwood via Instagram when I stumbled onto an IG Live of his during a production session he was doing from his lab. I felt there was something to watch about this creative lion, so I kept myself in the loop. When the promo clip of #4DaCulture hit, I got that ugly face and immediately reached out on social media out to let him know I saw what was going on and he had my support for this joint. Admittedly, I wasn’t in his circle and he probably thought I was on some other *ish and I got crickets for a minute…but hey, even in the media, persistence pays off; the connection was made and here we are.

To wrap up, #4DaCulture is a dope piece of work sure to connect with fans of West Coast Hip Hop. Yog Westwood and Bookie did an excellent job of capturing and delivering the sound and style of the genre AND the unique culture that birthed it. #4DaCulture is a reminder of the impact that West Coast street culture and Hip Hop had on the world…it still does actually.

For the record…I added this to my personal playlist, as it’s a testament to the power and impact of West Coast Hip Hop and Gangster Rap. #4DaCulture is available on your favorite DSPs and gets a 4/5 from me!

Connect with Yog Westwood on Instagram @YogWestwood and stay tuned as he just announced an upcoming project!



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