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Published on April 28th, 2023 | by Natalie Patrick


Remy Reilly Unveils Irresistible Pop-Rock Ode to New Love with “What Do Ya Know”

Indie-pop singer Remy Reilly has just released her new single “What Do Ya Know,” a feel-good pop-rock anthem about keeping your heart open and falling in love again. The captivating track follows the Dallas artist’s dynamic EP Avalanche, released in 2022, which showcased Reilly’s eclectic range across five tracks exploring coming-of-age themes. Fans can now enjoy “What Do Ya Know” on all digital platforms worldwide.

Remy Reilly’s latest single is a jubilant celebration of new love, embracing the excitement of diving headfirst into a blossoming romance. With her unwavering commitment to seeing the good in others, Reilly invites listeners to join her on this thrilling journey of keeping hearts open despite past relationships. Produced by fellow Dallas native Jonathan Tyler, “What Do Ya Know” radiates infectious euphoria, driven by its breezy, carefree pop-rock rhythms and Reilly’s distinctive gentle soul rasp. Beneath the track’s lively exterior lies a sense of newfound wisdom, embracing the optimism of a cinematic happy ending.

In “What Do Ya Know,” Remy Reilly reminds herself and her fans of the importance of authenticity and staying true to oneself after experiencing heartbreak. “I was annoyed that I still saw the good in people after they had done bad things, but then I realized it was a wonderful property to have,” Reilly shares. “There are going to be bad people in your life, but you choose whether you change it and take it as a lesson. I never wanted to change my personality or light way of looking at people just because one person wasn’t kind to me.”

As a Texas-based indie-pop artist, Remy Reilly is continually evolving her sound, blending a wide array of musical influences with her emotionally charged songwriting and soulful vocals. Unafraid to push beyond genre boundaries, Reilly’s unique sound is both refreshing and innovative, resonating with fans due to her unwavering commitment to authenticity. “What Do Ya Know” follows her acclaimed 2022 EP Avalanche, where she tackled topics like self-love, female empowerment, and the challenges of adolescence with genuine curiosity and honesty. Reilly has quickly made a name for herself in the Dallas music scene, opening for big-name acts, earning four Dallas Observer Award nominations, winning Best New Act, and garnering praise from outlets like the Dallas Observer, Music Connection Magazine, Elicit Magazine, and Prelude Press.

Energetic, euphoric, and effortlessly cool, “What Do Ya Know” captures the thrill of new romance while letting go of past heartaches. This single marks yet another milestone in Remy Reilly’s exciting and heartfelt musical journey.


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