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Published on May 31st, 2023 | by Natalie Patrick


Alex McCue & The Group Activity’s new single, ‘Dialogues With God’

Fresh from their exhilarating tour across Mexico and the US, Alex McCue & The Group Activity proudly unveil their latest bilingual single, “Dialogues With God.” Released on May 18th, this captivating track showcases the band’s vibrant fusion of jazzy overtones, heartfelt lyrics, and a harmonious blend of English and Spanish languages.

Recorded in the heart of Valencia, Spain, where Alex McCue immersed himself in the city’s thriving music scene, “Dialogues With God” captures the essence of his profound musical journey. McCue’s velvety vocals, accompanied by Diego Gutierrez’s enchanting trumpet, Cristian Delabela’s mesmerizing bass, and Marcos Regidor’s dynamic drums, create an irresistible synergy that transports listeners to a realm of musical togetherness.

Lyrically, the song delves into themes of meditation, self-worth, dreams versus reality, and an unconventional connection with divinity. McCue’s evocative words resonate deeply as he sings, “Dialogues with God, at least I think I speak Her language, it’s something like brail, but it constantly changes…” These introspective lyrics, coupled with infectious rhythms and an indie-pop vibe, make “Dialogues With God” a powerful and thought-provoking anthem.

Alex McCue & The Group Activity’s unique approach to music shines through their ever-evolving lineup, which infuses their sound with a diverse and eclectic blend of influences. The band’s ability to seamlessly merge modern rhythms with classic grooves showcases their musical prowess and creates an enchanting sonic experience for listeners.


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