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Danielle Helena: A Multi-Talented Artist from Oakland, CA

Oakland, California native Danielle Helena (née Danielle Helena Gonder Turner) is building a name for herself as a singer-songwriter, bartender, and natural products entrepreneur. Her background in a musical household was formative, as music was always played in the house. Danielle’s enthusiasm for music was inspired by her grandmother, who encouraged her to follow her dreams even though none of Danielle’s parents are musicians.

The public schools in Oakland, California, where Danielle was a student, encouraged and fostered her artistic development. At age five, she began piano instruction, and by age eight, she was writing songs. She soon found herself performing with the Oakland Youth Chorus all across town and recording with the like-minded individuals at Youth Movement Records. Danielle found much comfort and excitement in her early time on stage.

Danielle learnt early on what it takes to generate money as an artist, despite the fact that music isn’t particularly lucrative at her current stage of the game. She developed a fan base by selling branded products at her concerts. Danielle opted to provide useful products for her fans, such as soaps, candles, moisturizers, and shampoo/conditioner bars, rather than just selling her face on a shirt. In addition to the widespread acclaim she’s received in recent years, she’s also recently begun producing shampoo and conditioner bars for NU Standard.

Danielle is an extremely skilled musician who has recently begun to make a name for herself. She admires the New York City and San Francisco area musicians she’s met on her travels and finds inspiration in their dedication to creating original work. She takes motivation from other artists who keep making work even when they’re broke and out of ideas.

Danielle’s greatest joy in life comes from being a mother to her little child, even more than from performing music or manufacturing natural items. Flowers are a common topic of conversation as they enjoy time together in the garden, in the park, and on strolls through the neighborhood. Being a mom is her new passion, and she loves spending time with her baby because he or she makes her more mindful and grateful of the world around them.

Overall, it’s safe to say that natural products and music by Danielle Helena have caused quite a stir in the music industry. She attributes her success to her background in a musical family, her attendance at public schools in Oakland that encouraged and promoted the arts, and her lifelong passion for music. She is a role model for those who would like to turn their artistic talent into a living.

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