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Published on June 14th, 2023 | by Ralph Okobz


CeCe Peniston Continues Carving Her Impactful Career and Is Hitting The Road To Further Inspire

Cecilia V. “CeCe” Peniston has had a legendary career as a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, beginning with her 1991 debut “Finally” when she was only 22. Continuing her craft and captivating career with her most recent releases including exciting EPs, singles, and albums, CeCe continues to create with love and light!
Swiftly striving to stardom with her successful singing and songwriting skills,

CeCe quickly became a staple in music of a variety of genres such as: R&B, Soul, Pop, Dance, and House. Her passion of pursuing her career as a performer was promising as she was voted Miss Black Arizona in 1989 before releasing and recording her debut album. CeCe Peninston propelled to prominence in Phoenix, Arizona, after signing with A&M Records and beginning her commemorated career with her mastery of music in 1990. In doing so, she received raved recognition with her first appearance as a featured singer on the 1991 trendy track “I Like It” by female rapper Overweight Pooch.

As a result, CeCe Peniston went on to become one of the best and most successful dance club artists of all time! In doing so, she established herself with a string of momentous No. 1 songs on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. In addition to her fan-favorite “Finally” track, which became one of the most successful dance singles of all time, selling 3 million copies worldwide. CeCe has three studio albums credited to her name: her debut drop “Finally” (1992), which charted for 33 weeks, trailblazing sophomore studio album “Thought Ya Knew” (1994), and her third studio album “Movin’ On” (1996). Thriving through talent, all three critically acclaimed studio albums were commercially successful.

Peniston didn’t stop there, releasing a slew of sizzling singles with varied degrees of success throughout the 2000s. Her most successful singles were 2001’s “Lifetime To Love,” which charted at #2 in the United States of Dance, her 2005 “Deeper Love,” which ranked at #14 for a few weeks before her 2007 “Shame Shame Shame,” which charted at #23 in the United States of Dance. Keeping up the momentum of colossal creativity, in 2010, went on to release two raved records: a ballad called “Above Horizons” and a hip-hop/dance tune called “In Love with a DJ”. In the spring of 2011, she released the Pop/R&B single “Stoopid”.

Furthermore, Perfecto singles (Paul Oakenfold) and 16 BARS Music (Kevin Lewis) released an official re-release of “Finally” in 2011. To coincide with the 20th anniversary of what remains one of the biggest dance and house hits of all time. Cementing the celebration, the package included a wide selection of remixes created by the Joyriders and other cutting-edge producers. Continuously moving the masses, on March 27th, 2012, 16 BARS MUSIC and CeCe Peniston released the trendy track “Celebrate”.

Peniston topped the LGBTQ Urban Charts for ten weeks in 2021 after appearing on 2AM Ricky’s trendy track “Whatchu On“. Peniston took the young artist under her wing and became his mentor, making him the first Black Transgender male to land on any chart. The two have a long-lasting business relationship, with 2AM joining Peniston as a songwriter with numerous new records in the works. CeCe Peniston and 2AM work well together, constantly creating artistic achievements. Ricky has worked to raise awareness about the need of solidarity in the fight for Trans rights, mental health in music, and educating young musicians about the value of safeguarding their music and managing their music business properly.
Meanwhile, decades later, her critically acclaimed album, “Finally,” is currently navigating the music industry as Chris Brown performs her debut title track on his tour. Adele and Lady Gaga have both performed “Finally” on stage in recent years as well. Kelly Clarkson also kicked off her 2023 season with a live broadcast performance of “Finally”. Her hit single and studio album have been included on a number of TV series, episodics, and national commercials. CeCe Peniston most recently appeared in a nationwide commercial for Kroger fresh delivery. In addition to Firefly, Twenties, The Emmys, Rupaul’s Drag Race, Stage Mother, and The Wendy Williams Show, where she was the opening for season 9 of the show. As a result, she redid the theme song with “Finally” as the basis for the musical content with revised lyricism.

CeCe Peniston, who is still a hot topic in talent and music, is preparing for her live appearance on The View with Robin and Deborah Cox on June 13th on ABC. In addition to being recognized for her iconic abilities, CeCe is nominated for two Emmy Awards for her work on the “People Get Ready” project with Skip Martin, Partice Smith, and multi-platinum David Cook.Her career has spanned decades and she still gets listeners up and dancing! Nonetheless, CeCe Peniston continues to inspire others through music and speaking engagements, among other things. She is thrilled to be returning to the spotlight in order to promote her outstanding career and encourage others!

The genre-bending queen of Dance returns to the road after a short vacation. In doing so, she will play her biggest hits and talk to the next generation! Take action with CeCe Peniston before the summer is over. You can see her musical magic from the jewel herself since she loves what she does and does it with love all the time. She is excited to return to the spotlight as she highlights her great career and inspires others while doing so! Make plans to see her at the following upcoming events. Check out the schedule below; you won’t want to miss seeing the queen in action! For now, get familiar with the famed star here for all things CeCe Peniston.


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