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Published on June 19th, 2023 | by Paul Roberto


The War Within: Indie and Pop with a Faith-Filled Message

Explore the imaginative world of The War Within, a creator of exceptional skill and originality. John Harter is the man behind the scenes, a deeply sentimental Christian who uses his music to express his faith in Christ. John sees The War Within as a potent tool for dealing with the existential crises and fundamental questions that we all face. His songs have catchy choruses and earworm melodies, but it’s the sincerity of his lyrics that really sticks with you.

John uses a wide variety of sounds and instruments in his compositions, all of which add to the music’s narrative quality. He infuses cover songs with his own style so that his personality comes through (as evidenced by the 40 tracks on his impressive album “here/after”). Because of his struggles with depression, bipolar disorder, and other traumas, John’s authentic outlook on life is reflected in the music of The War Within. His devotion to God and the example he sets for others began with a decision he made when he was in his late teens to become a follower of Jesus. To quote him directly: “With my music, I aim to ‘pay it forward,’ encouraging and edifying listeners while spreading the Gospel.”

The War Within’s music defies easy categorization, and attempts to lump it into the categories of Christian pop or indie rock fall short of doing it justice. John’s discography doesn’t conform to any particular musical style, instead incorporating the best parts of many different genres and adding his own twist. John’s remarkable versatility is on full display here; he moves fluidly between musical genres while imbuing each song with an intensely personal significance. On some tracks, he even incorporates hip-hop influences, showcasing his range. John’s songs have been featured on Spotify’s Editorial playlists, and he has amassed millions of streams and a devoted fan base as a result of his skill as a songwriter and producer. As he puts it, “I strive to inspire more people through my artistry and emotionally charged songwriting, with no intention of stopping.”

The music of The War Within is an open invitation to express oneself freely through the arts. Listeners are most moved by John’s sincerity and the intensity of his emotion in his songwriting. The cinematic quality of his music’s production complements the emotive power of his introspective, faith-driven subject matter. John’s vocals are captivating even in a raw demo track like his live performance of “Resurrecting.” Songs like “Don’t Save Me” incorporate trap and melodic hip-hop elements, delving into darker musical inspirations. His one-of-a-kind vocal delivery becomes an instantly recognizable feature.

Explore the mind-blowing discography of this gifted musician starting with The War Within. There is brand-new, incredible music waiting for you.





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