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Published on August 27th, 2023 | by H.E. Shanta Lana Hereford


“B1: The Code of Blackness” Documentary Earns Standing Ovation at its Grand Premiere

The New Black Wall Street Market’s Ballroom in Stonecrest, GA, became an energetic epicenter of celebration, inspiration, and Black Excellence as it hosted the long-awaited premiere of the documentary “B1: The Code of Blackness.”

The atmosphere was electric, as guests filed into the New Black Wall Street Market—a Black-owned hub of creativity and entrepreneurship. The ballroom’s ambiance, adorned with elegant chandeliers and captivating artwork down the hallways, provided the perfect setting for a night devoted to celebrating the essence of Black power.

From the moment the curtains drew back, “B1: The Code of Blackness” took center stage. The documentary wasn’t just about watching a film; it was an immersion into a movement, a voyage of enlightenment and growth. The audience was transported to a place where unity and empowerment formed the bedrock of a vibrant culture.

The film’s premiere was a testament to the power of collaboration and collective progress. Anchored by the visionary filmmaker Ric Mathis and Financial Literacy Influencer Dr. Boyce Watkins, the documentary was a partnership that illuminated the potential of joint efforts in driving positive change. Though Dr. Watkins couldn’t attend in person, his impactful video message added another layer of depth to the event.

The evening’s program paid homage to the Ancestors, setting a tone of reverence and respect led by the esteemed elder Baba Yoga Bey. Ric Mathis, the driving force behind the documentary, took the stage to offer insights into the making of the film. And then, the lights dimmed, and the movie that had been the subject of much anticipation began.

Imagine the captivating experience of watching “B1: The Code of Blackness.” The documentary wasn’t just a compilation of talking heads; it was a fusion of insights, perspectives, and pragmatic solutions presented by influential voices like Rizza Islam, Madame President, Queen Afua, Ms. Vickie Dillard, and Dr. Claud Anderson. The topics covered ranged from health, relationships, and family building to the profound impact of music and the significance of Black unity. Each voice contributed a unique facet to the overarching narrative of empowerment and growth.

The film delved deep into the essence of Black culture, intertwining life lessons with empowerment, all set against the backdrop of a pulsating soundtrack produced to accompany the film. As Ms. Vickie Dillard shared her wisdom, Dr. Claud Anderson offered insights into economics, and Rizza Islam presented facts, the room reverberated with agreement and shared understanding.

However, the documentary was much more than a passive viewing experience; it was a call to action. It wasn’t merely recounting history; it was about acknowledging the past while embracing the present and carving a path toward a future marked by unity and progress. The standing ovation that accompanied the film’s conclusion wasn’t just applause—it was a heartfelt nod to the film’s capacity to inspire unity, incite conversations, and instigate change.

As the evening drew to a close, the echoes of the standing ovation lingered, leaving an indelible impression. “B1: The Code of Blackness” wasn’t merely a cinematic debut; it was a turning point. The birth of a new era was witnessed—one that transcends continents, igniting unity and empowerment within the global African diaspora.

Intricately woven with the voices of cultural trailblazers and luminaries, the documentary resonated with every viewer, regardless of their background. The power of “B1: The Code of Blackness” lies in its ability to transcend boundaries, uniting individuals under the common banner of growth and progress. It’s a call for unity, a beacon of empowerment, and a guiding light that illuminates the path toward a future marked by understanding and collective advancement.

To catch a glimpse of the stirring narrative, watch the captivating 4-minute trailer of “B1: The Code of Blackness.” For a deeper immersion into the film’s essence, visit the official website at The documentary isn’t just a film; it’s a catalyst that continues to reverberate, urging the African diaspora toward a brighter, more empowered future.

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