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Meet Bernard Owens: The Only Thing Wrong With You is That You Think Something is Wrong With You

The Only Thing Wrong With You is That You Think Something is Wrong With You by Bernard Owens, provides readers with a roadmap for achieving greater personal happiness and transformation. Bernard’s unique approach to self-development combines elements of traditional psychology with positive thinking techniques that have been proven effective in improving mental health. He also draws on his experiences as a motivational speaker to provide practical advice that readers can easily apply in their everyday lives. Bernard’s book promises to give readers the tools to make lasting changes and create meaningful relationships with themselves and others. Bernard’s writing is insightful and entertaining, making The Only Thing Wrong With You an inspiring and empowering read. Bernard’s mission is to help people discover their inner strength and create a life filled with joy and purpose. Bernard Owens’ The Only Thing Wrong With You is an essential read for anyone looking to take charge of their future and live the life they dream of.

Throughout the book, he also shares roughly +20 “Insights” that give readers specific points to focus on for self-improvement. Here are a few:

INSIGHT #1: It takes a strong mind and an iron-clad sense of self to swim against the tide of popular opinion, especially when those opinions are from people you have loved trusted, or respected your entire life.

INSIGHT #2: Creating boundaries around what you will and will not allow to enter your life is a critical component to creating and maintaining peace of mind and taking full ownership of your life.

INSIGHT #3: Setting boundaries is your fundamental right. There should be no shame or guilt about doing things that help you to live a strong, powerful, and emotionally healthy life.

INSIGHT #4: Turning disappoints inward is self-defeating behavior, instead of beating yourself up, get mad, get pissed, and get fired up! Use that energy to PUSH against false narratives about your life and make things happen!

Bernard Owens is a truly inspiring and transformative motivational speaker who has dedicated his life to making positive impacts on the lives of others. Bernard has worked with some of the world’s top leaders, coaches, and universities in sharing his message of happiness, positivity, and transformation. Bernard’s message of transformation is relevant for both individuals and organizations. Bernard helps people identify their unique gifts and how they can be used to achieve higher success. Bernard also provides actionable advice on making meaningful changes in one’s life and developing lasting happiness. Bernard is passionate about helping others create a better, more fulfilling life and encourages people to focus on being their best version.

Bernard Owens has been a leader in happiness and transformation for many years, inspiring audiences worldwide with his uplifting messages of hope, spiritual growth, and personal empowerment. Bernard’s passionate talks provide viewers with tangible strategies to live more joyfully, become open to change, and understand their potential. Bernard encourages everyone to embrace their challenges without fear and continually move towards their future goals. Bernard inspires us all, reminding us that no matter how hard life gets, we can improve it if we never give up on our dreams.




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