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Meet Dr. Brenda Jefferson – The Voice of the People & The Voice of Women

Dr. Brenda Jefferson is a powerful motivational speaker who uses elements of her personal story and couples it with the Word of God in order to encourage and motivate her listeners. Her niche audience, women of all ages, has grown mass appeal around the country and around the world, including audiences in Asia, Africa, Europe, and more!

Dr. Brenda is an entrepreneur (co-owner of Mr. B’s Southern Kitchen), philanthropist, and author whose latest book, “Praise Him While You Wait” gives people the principles to encourage others while dealing with adversity. Anyone who hears Dr. Brenda leaves with an enhanced perspective as to how to live their best life. Your audience will leave encouraged, motivated, and empowered in a way they never have been for.

Check out her reel attached and let us know your thoughts!

Book Synopsis

In Praise Him While You Wait, Dr. Brenda Jefferson shares key insights on how to praise anchors you in turbulent waters, restores your hope and grants you peace in the midst of any storm. As you intentionally praise, God will remind you of His promises and purpose for your life. Waiting can be one of the most frustrating and daunting this you’ll ever do, and yet everything meaningful you’ll ever attain will require it.

About Dr. Brenda Jefferson

Born in the small town of Quincy, FL., Dr. Brenda Jefferson grew up sheltered, shy, and bound by an overwhelming spirit of fear. Through an emotionally abusive childhood and physically abusive first marriage, Dr. Jefferson had a divine encounter with God and began to transform as she saturated her mind with God’s Word.

At the age of 25 years old, Dr. Jefferson answered the call of God on her life for ministry and began hosting nightly bible study services in her home. It was during one such service, she was introduced to her beloved husband, Bishop M.B. Jefferson, who spoke a Word into her life, laid hands on her praying for freedom from the bondage she had battled for years. Saved, Delivered, and Set Free, Dr. Jefferson is an anointed, power-packed woman of God, full of the Word and faith.

Serving with her husband in ministry for over 30 years, Dr. Jefferson continues to use her gifts to encourage those who are broken, struggling with addictions, abused, lost, and in despair. God has blessed the powerful duo team with the opportunity to take the gospel to the nations ministering in Africa, Jamaica, Texas, Detroit, Louisiana, Florida, and the Caribbean. Preaching the truth of God’s Word to the nations, Jefferson’s global ministry has helped individuals establish deeper relationships with God.

As CEO of Scripture Music Group, Dr. Jefferson is an accomplished gospel music composer.  Dr. Jefferson has written hundreds of scripture songs and has recorded with some of the best in the music industry. Each song that is birthed through this “ready writer” provides a soulful testimony from scripture. With three albums under her belt, ”Time of Refreshing”, “ Pen of a Ready Writer” and her latest album “Invocation”, each album features spirit-led songs lead by some of the Gospel industry’s greats, Lisa Page Brooks, Lecresia Campbell, Larue, Gerald and Tammi Haddon, Damita Haddon, Joe Ligon, Beverly Crawford, Stephanie J. Pride, and Shannon Jefferson. Kirk Carr, V. Michael McKay, Deitrick Haddon, and Myron Butler.

Dr. Jefferson published her latest book, Praise Him While You Wait in February 2021. Through her writing, she shares key insights on how to praise anchors you in turbulent waters, restores your hope and grants you peace in the midst of any storm. The multi-talented wife, mother, and motivational speaker continue to work unselfishly side by side with her husband; Bishop M. B. Jefferson, fulfilling the vision God has given them in ministry at Living in Victory Christian Church and MB Jefferson Ministries.

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