Who is Autumn Storm? Perhaps, there isn't a more compelling or fitti..." /> "The Perfect Storm!" Meet the Supremely Gifted & Multifaceted Recording Artist - "Autumn Storm" - The Hype Magazine


Published on August 24th, 2023 | by Charles Myambo


“The Perfect Storm!” Meet the Supremely Gifted & Multifaceted Recording Artist – “Autumn Storm”

Who is Autumn Storm? Perhaps, there isn’t a more compelling or fitting narrative than that of a “perfect storm” when describing Autumn Storm. Similarly to a “perfect storm”,  she conquered just about everything in her path, all throughout her adolescent and teenage years! Whether it was music, dance, acting or art, Autumn had a tendency to excel and exceed expectations. 


Recording Artist & Actress – “Autumn Storm”


From as early as the 4th grade, Autumn was already beginning to turn heads with her masterful displays during choir performances and competitions. Her enchanting voice and tenacity culminated in her receiving various accolades including a prestigious “Outstanding Soprano” award. Aside from music, Autumn was also captivating many people with her filmmaking and acting prowess at such a young age. In addition, she showcased exceptional proficiency in both creative script writing and reenactment of famous movie scenes. 


Filmmaker & Screenwriter – “Autumn Storm”


As the years went by, Autumn continued to further enhance her music and acting ability. Now at the age of 29, Autumn might finally be on the cusp of formally announcing herself to the world. However, it would be justified if people wondered why Autumn is not yet a mainstream artist considering just how remarkable her talent is. The response to that is quite simple. Up until recently, her profound gifts and talents have received very minimal exposure and coverage. Besides that, the fact that Autumn is a perfectionist has also resulted in her waiting a bit longer than most to release her first full studio album. 


Podcast Host – “Autumn Storm”



Autumn is set to release her first ever full studio album in the coming months. #ExcitingTimes



Autumn Storm is a resoundingly talented and gifted Artist & Actress. The 29 year old starlet was born and bred in Clovis, California. She has an extensive background as a choir member, solo musician and soprano. Besides the evident raw talent, Autumn also has the academic credentials to complement her gifts as an actress and recording artist. She has a Liberal Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Associate degree.





Indie Creative & Entrepreneur – “Autumn Storm”


Tik tok – @autumnandbignate

Tik tok – @stormbbyy3

YouTube – @stormbby28


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