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Published on September 11th, 2023 | by Charles Myambo


Howlin’ Goatz Continue Showcasing the True Beauty of Rock Music – Led by “Johnny Conrad”

Rock Music is very much an acquired taste among mainstream music listeners. The genre is sometimes perceived as “only” being loud, intense and boisterous! Such a reputation can mainly be attributed to “Heavy Metal” music which is a well known sub genre within Rock Music. Due to this perception, the beautiful poetry, uptempo tunes and intricacies of Rock Music often go unnoticed or get disregarded altogether. However, every once in a while, an extremely gifted artist/band comes along that helps shift the narrative by showcasing the full beauty of Rock Music! One such band is the widely renowned Howlin’ Goatz


Johnny Conrad – Howlin’ Goatz Leader & Founder


Howlin’ Goatz are a creative and wholesome blend of Rock N’ Roll stars who joined forces to become a vibrant and captivating Rock N’ Roll band. The group’s inception dates back 7 years when Richard “Johnny” Conrad decided to bring together some of the best Rock N’ Roll talents from the Boulder music scene. At the time, “Johnny” Conrad was already a well established name in the Boulder region. He was very keen on creating a high-energy Rock N’ Roll dance experience for listeners from all over the globe. All it took was a barn, talented musicians and instruments, the rest is history! 


“Howlin’ Goatz” on Stage


Most enthusiasts of the genre believe Rock N’ Roll is more than just a music genre but also believe it’s a lifestyle! The same can be said about Howlin’ Goatz who live, breathe and sleep all things Rock N’ Roll. To them, it is simply not enough to create a good song, it has to be great and then even better than great! Listening to a record like “SOUND BOUND” or “WEED TO SAVE THE WORLD” would immediately make a fan out of anyone. The songs are rich in dynamic tones, elegant instrumentals, piercing vocals and infectious rhythm! Moreover, their sound is unique and authentic. Howlin’ Goatz are truly one of those few bands who showcase all the beauty behind Rock Music and music in general. 

  • Check out Howlin’ Goatz new 3-song EP with a special guest appearance by Bill McKay on Hammond B3. 

Available on Spotify 


Howlin’ Goatz


“The Howlin’ Goatz have the soul of punk with catchy pop hooks…strange combo but it works beautifully!”

Tom Callahan

Renowned Music Exec

Indie Advance Founder


“Rock N’ Roll” Stars – Howlin’ Goatz


  • Kim Franco: Vocals & Percussion


  • Jake Coffin: Drums & Vocals


  • Chris Wright: Bass & Vocals


  • Scott Higgins: Lead Guitar & Vocals


  • Johnny Conrad: Vocals & Rhythm Guitar (Founder)




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