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Published on October 23rd, 2023 | by Ralph Okobz


Afrofusion Songstress Dunnie Shares “Anomaly” EP

AfroFusion artist and producer, Dunnie enthralls audiences with her fourth project, Anomaly. The eight-track compilation is a musical voyage that showcases Dunnie’s creative brilliance while recounting her journey in the Nigerian music industry. The project is already buzzing on the airwaves with three standout records such as “Already Won,” “More” and the April 2023 hit “DND.” With Anomaly, Dunnie adds a striking jewel to her discography, featuring freshly-minted melodies such as “Aljahna,” “Obsessed,” “Jalo,” “Tempting” and “Stamina.”

Dunnie draws inspiration from her life experiences and distinct perspectives, defying societal norms as a leading figure in a largely male-dominated space. “Anomaly” is a personal testament to her refusal to fit within conventional boundaries. “I’ve never considered myself to be normal. The songs on this project will let you into different sides of me – the emotional and sensitive side, the strong Amazonian side, the spiritual and conscious side, and the nonchalant side,” Dunnie shares. “I hope this project entertains, but most importantly, I hope it inspires!”

Each track on Anomaly offers a glimpse into various dimensions of Dunnie’s personality. “Jalo” explores the idea of fighting for love and nurturing meaningful connections through partnership. Dunnie reflects, “It takes the will to fight together (not against one another) to build something significant.” In “Aljahna,” Dunnie delves into the pursuit of inner peace amidst life’s distractions. She emphasizes, “In a world where we constantly are distracted with making money and other earthly benefits, it’s easy to get carried away and forget some of the most important things – love, joy, and peace!” “Stamina,” a resounding anthem of resilience, encapsulates Dunnie’s unwavering determination to conquer challenges as an independent female artist in Nigeria’s music industry.

“Anomaly” remains an intimate portrayal of Dunnie’s artistic growth, embodiment of her unyielding spirit, and an invitation for listeners to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and empowerment. Connect with Dunnie here.

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