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Published on October 4th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Grooves, Moods, and Melodies: Audie B’s Evolution From Ballet Dancer to International EDM Rap Artist

The life of multilingual EDM rap artist, dancer, and choreographer Audie B is a sonic journey from classical ballet to rap prominence. Navigating two nationalities, identities, and cultures, the performer draws inspiration from a life full of adversities and wild relationships, which have sculpted a unique rollercoaster of emotions that bleed into her music. Armed with a dance and acting background, Audi B tells her life story and details her experiences through the mediums of sound and dance on stages around the globe.

Roaming the world and crafting melodies are not things that Audie B stumbled across, as she was born to parents with passions for music and travel. At only three, she began dancing before moving from Paris, France, to Newcastle, Australia, eventually learning classical ballet under the direction of Marie Walton-Mahon at the National College of Dance. Dancing helped Audie B handle the personal struggles of family separation during her childhood, and it was the escape through music and dance coupled with exposure to other people and cultures that crafted her unique identity. Wandering the streets of Newcastle as a kid worked in tandem with her cultural duality to inspire her future music, and it was also these experiences that served to show her what she had to do to rise through the ranks: hustle.

Audie B - Ballet Dancer to EDM Rap Artist

Audie B – Ballet Dancer to EDM Rap Artist

Audie B intimately knew the entertainment industry is unforgiving to those who do not work tirelessly at their craft. She completed college in Sydney and immediately went to work on a cruise ship, where she traveled the world for more than three years. Deciding to settle in Paris, she began molding her technique as a hip-hop artist, dancer, and actor, returning to her roots. The diverse culture, music, and thought that France offers made the area a perfect landing zone for her, and it was there that she developed the unique sound, look, and vibe that would ultimately take her music career to incredible heights.

During her impressive journey, Audie B never stopped hustling and grinding, and it genuinely shows. She released several successful singles, collaborated with major Hip Hop artists worldwide, including globally recognized West Coast rapper, The Game, and is actively working with top Sony charting producers. Quite literally living to work at what she loves most, Audie B shows her incredible devotion every day as she speaks and raps in English, French, Arabic, Spanish, and Chinese, dancing and choreographing her own shows and music videos. As one person channeling so much talent and artistry, her unique creative process truly makes her music so special. Audie B uses her varying moods to define the lyrics of whichever story she wishes to tell. Furthermore, she uses her moods to craft the distinctive beats that paint the picture of her current vibe through enigmatic waves of sound. Audie B is a genuinely gifted creator who continues to develop, perform, and release music worldwide, with no signs of slowing down.


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