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Published on November 16th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Lay Zhang Unleashes D.N.A Music Alliance’s Debut Album ‘D.N.A’

Global sensation Lay Zhang (LAY) dramatically marks his return to the music scene, this time spearheading the enchanting Chinese co-ed group, D.N.A Music Alliance》, as they unveil their inaugural album,《D.N.A》, now available on all major streaming platforms. The seven-member collective, fronted by Lay Zhang and accompanied by DANKO, GALI, Victor Ma, Shan Yichun, Wang Ziyi, and Vinida, showcases the musical finesse of their debut offering. Co-executively produced by LAY himself, the 11-track album stands as a testament to his versatile talents across music production.

Dragons Never Afraid (D.N.A) album cover art

An Exploration of Love Through Sonic Ambition

《D.N.A》embraces a vibrant exploration of love, blending elements of Hip Hop and R&B to create a musical journey tailored to every listener’s palate. The album’s opening track, “All In,” uniquely fuses a love-laden narrative with captivating rhythms, stirring emotional resonance within its audience. “Break My Heart,” a poignant creation by Bijan, stands out as an ode to lovelorn individuals, while “Right Back” delves into the emotions post a brief separation from a beloved, evoking subconscious yearning.

“Racks On Me” radiates a warm tribute to love, crafted by the talented Yung Dza, while “What She Said” paints the bittersweet canvas of an intimate relationship nearing its end. “Wait For You” seamlessly transitions from a monologue to a heartfelt confession of a serendipitous encounter with love. “No Reason,” a powerful collaboration between Prince Yi and Asian-Canadian musician Anders, adds an electrifying punch to the album, followed by the rhythmic allure of “Oh La La,” produced in tandem with Hip Hop heavyweight Metro Boomin by Bijan.

“Except For You” offers an R&B perspective on love, expressing emotions from a male viewpoint, while “Ashley,” a narrative ballad produced by GRAMMY Award-winning producer Soolgothits, unravels the life and essence of the titular character. The bonus track, “UZI,” pulses with a resounding rhythm, symbolizing a steadfast commitment to a dream.

Lay Zhang: A Journey of Phenomenal Success

LAY, an Asian household name, has experienced a whirlwind career over the past three years. His collaboration with Steve Aoki and on the 2020 hit “Love You More” soared to #1 on the QQ Music China chart, catapulting him into international stardom. With subsequent hits, albums, EPs, and cross-genre collaborations, LAY has solidified his global influence, becoming the highest-ranked Mando-pop star on Billboard 200 and the first Chinese artist to enter the iTunes Top 60 in the U.S. His social media presence speaks volumes, boasting 51 million followers on Weibo and over 14.2 million on Instagram.

Beyond music, Lay Zhang is a multifaceted talent, showcasing his acting skills in TV and film roles while hosting top-rated reality shows in Asia. His accolades in the Chinese entertainment industry speak to his prowess and adoration among fans. Now, with this heartfelt project, Lay is channeling his efforts to elevate the international presence of established and emerging artists.

For further updates and insights into Lay Zhang’s artistic journey, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. This album marks a testament to Lay’s unwavering commitment to musical excellence and global collaboration, promising an enthralling experience for music enthusiasts worldwide.


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