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Published on November 10th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Picnic Caskets’ and the Vision of RBX and Project Pat

In case you missed it, two Hip Hop icons, RBX and Project Pat, alongside the production talents of Sccit and Siavash The Grouch, recently unleashed something sinister in the world of Hip Hop. Their latest track, “Picnic Caskets,” on their up-and-coming label, Labcabin Records, had hit the airwaves, and fans were devouring this macabre musical feast.

“Picnic Caskets” was a dark and eerie masterpiece, akin to a haunted house experience on Halloween night. Serving as a spiritual successor to the classic “Serial Killa” from Snoop Dogg’s iconic “Doggystyle” album, where RBX had made a memorable appearance, this new track brought RBX and the legendary Project Pat together. Project Pat’s gritty Southern hip-hop style blended seamlessly with the cinematic and chilling production by Sccit and Siavash The Grouch.

The recording and production process had been meticulously planned and executed, driven by the fervor of Sccit and Siavash The Grouch. Once RBX had the music in his hands, he delved deep into his lyricism, weaving a narrative that matched the eerie beats. RBX acknowledged that “It’s not for everybody,” as the track was darker than their previous release, but he emphasized that the timing was perfect with Halloween setting the stage.

In the creative process, RBX had invested weeks of dedication, pouring his heart and soul into crafting the perfect lyrics for “Picnic Caskets.” In contrast, Project Pat had swiftly delivered his verses, resulting in a chilling hip-hop track that lingered in listeners’ minds long after the song had ended.

With the release of “Picnic Caskets,” the anticipation had reached its peak. RBX and his team had successfully unleashed their dark and cinematic masterpiece upon the world, leaving an indelible mark on the Hip Hop landscape.

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