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Published on January 7th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Live Session with $AMO HEUNG: A Wu-Tang Killa Bee Unveils New Project

In a riveting Live Session conversation, I had the privilege of chopping it up with $amo Heung, a multifaceted creative, revered writer, artist, and producer known within the illustrious circles of the Wu-Tang Killa Bees specifically, via the Begga Clan. Our conversation was an enthralling delve into his music, passion for artistic expression, and association with the Begga Clan. Throughout our discussion, we walked through various facets of his career, shedding light on his musical journey and his deep-seated connection with the Wu-Tang Killa Bees.

$amo Heung was featured on RZA presents Wu-Tang Killa Bees – The Swarm compilation album (Begga Clan – On The Strength) and also featured in RZA’s independent short film Bobby Digital and has announced new upcoming projects which we get into in this conversation.

Delving into Musical Roots

Heung expounded on his profound love for music and candidly recounted his decision to reimmerse himself in this creative realm after a hiatus. His narrative was infused with anecdotes about his bond with the Wu-Tang Killa Bees and the deliberate choice to represent the esteemed Begga Clan. It was evident that his return to music was not just a mere resurgence but a profound expression of his unwavering passion for the craft. His latest single “Untitled” is a precursor for what’s to come…check it out below

$AMO HEUNG- UNTITLED single cover

Embracing Every Aspect: $amo’s Perspective

The conversation shifted to the intricacies of music as an avenue for personal expression and the business dynamics inherent in the industry. $amo provided invaluable insights into his modus operandi, highlighting his approach that involves a hands-on engagement in every facet of his career. He eloquently conveyed the significance of imparting business acumen within his family circle, underscoring the importance of knowledge transfer across generations.

Legacy Building and Mentorship

An emotionally resonant segment unfolded as we delved into the significance of equipping the next generation with financial literacy, leadership skills, and invaluable life lessons. Both $amo and I shared personal anecdotes, infusing the conversation with a profound sense of mentorship and a commitment to shaping a trustworthy and capable generation for the future.

$amo Heung - (Artist Provided Press Photo)

$amo Heung – (Artist Provided Press Photo)

Unveiling “Begga and The Fortuneteller” EP

Our conversation pivoted towards the highly anticipated release of the EP “Begga and The Fortuneteller” and the accompanying merchandise line. Amidst discussions on the postponement of the lead single and other musical releases, the entertainer/entrepreneur emphasized the pivotal role of a centralized hub in building a robust brand and utilizing one’s platform to authentically narrate their story.

Insight into the Creative Process

Exploring $amo Heung’s creative process and his enduring love affair with music, the conversation unraveled the intricate layers of his artistic vision. He shared glimpses into his method of songwriting and his profound connection to the world of music.

Culmination: Music, Media, and Business

Our engaging conversation concluded with insights into Heung’s involvement in media and radio shows, painting a comprehensive picture of his multifaceted endeavors within the realms of music, media, and business.

The Live Session was a testament to the depth of creativity and dedication that resonates within Samuel Heung’s persona. As the curtains drew on this captivating conversation, the anticipation for the EP release soared, leaving an indelible impression of artistic prowess and unwavering commitment to craft and legacy…Tune In and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!!!


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