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Published on February 5th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Global Hip Hop: India’s AKB Drops Tane Hu Che? (You Got Me?) Ft. Hukey Karan

Ever since I saw the clip of superstar dancers, Les Twins, performing on a dance show in India, I’ve been intrigued by regional sonics as applied to Hip Hop and I was just introduced to an amazing joint Tane Hu Che? (You Got Me?) by AKB aka “Indian Dentist Rapper” Ft. Hukey Karan the face of Surat who represents Gujarat on a global level with his dope Rap game! Even when we might not understand the language spoken, Hip Hop is a language unto its culture, and understanding is gained from multiple angles.

Check out the clip that sparked my mission here and the opener is the kickoff!

AKB, hailing from Ahmedabad, India, embarked on a remarkable journey that led him from his roots to the vibrant landscape of California at the age of 10. After spending a significant chunk of his formative years in the Golden State until the age of 18, he returned to India for five years. There, he pursued and successfully earned a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS).

Upon his return to the United States, AKB delved back into academia, culminating in his graduation from the Advanced Program San Francisco in 2017, where he attained a Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS). The world of pediatric dentistry became his professional playground, marking the beginning of a phase where he finally tasted the fruits of financial success. After handling some foundational parts of life that actually provide a “life” like, marriage, settling down, and the acquisition of a house, car, and recording equipment for his burgeoning passion for music, AKB’s life took a dynamic turn.

AKB’s fascination with Hip Hop blossomed during his California years, sparking the initiation of his lyrical pursuits. Hindered by a lack of confidence and financial constraints in pursuing a musical career at the time, his path eventually led him to dentistry. Now, as “The Indian Dentist Rapper,” AKB has carved a niche in the industry, garnering a considerable following. Breaking stereotypes, he showcases that medical professionals can indeed bring the fun factor. Speaking of fun, this new joint gave me “Macarena” samples on more than one occasion!

In his latest release, AKB collaborates with an eminent figure from Surat, representing Gujarat globally with his outstanding Rap game – Hukey Karan. Their high-energy joint, titled “Tane Hu Che?”, distributed by Universal Music Group, is a testament to their musical prowess. The track, produced by K28, features lyrics penned by AKB and Hukey Karan, with AyeNate (Nathan Smith) handling the mixing, and Rome Palermo mastering the piece. The video, shot by SR Creation for @Hukeykaran and directed and edited by Blu for AKB, is a visual feast.

In furtherance of his dream in music, he currently owns and steers his own business, a Pediatric Dental office near LA, AKB has seamlessly integrated his dual passions. Notably, he consistently drops a new song and accompanying video on the 1st of every month. “Tane Hu Che?” stands as his 14th consecutive release, showcasing AKB’s dedication and prowess in both the dental and music realms.


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