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Published on October 15th, 2015 | by Jerry Doby


‘America’s Next Top Model’ swan song in December

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THE most important conversation in fashion since it’s inception, surround’s “America’s Next Top Model.” Soon however, the conversation will change from present to past tense but in a good way. The amazing series which debuted in 2003 on the late great UPN network before expanding the line up of the newly formed CW, will be a teaching tool for centuries. We watched fledgling models develop and blossom into marquee faces and personalities. Even the runners-up won…they got a million dollar education in their craft, with international exposure to the fashion industry and fans. I doubt even the early cuts can deny their bookings went up based on what they learned and who they met.

Most importantly in my humble opinion, is that around the world, because of #ANTM, girls, young ladies and women have additional tools in their box to bring out the best in themselves. Learning acceptance of self, what you offer and overcoming the challenges and baggage of a really jacked up world, was a huge benefit of this show. I’d also like to say, the show created a whole new “Gemini” culture in that, models where given opportunities to meet other dimensions of themselves and express them. Talk about, growth and development of the highest order! Everybody wants to be a Gemini…

Ironically, #ANTM wraps on Host and Executive Producer Tyra Banks‘ birthday, December 4, 2015. Tyra conversed with fans via social media, drafting an inspirational thank you to fans and supporters on her Instagram account.

A big favorite with the ladies in my household…#ANTM will be missed…it was my time away!!!

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