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Five Questions With Def Jam’s Trap Beckham

At a young age, Trap Beckham attained success regionally with songs like “Top Of The Line” and “Ohh She Thick,” winning awards, and becoming a fixture in the college scene in the southeast. After excessive touring, “The Golden Boy Of The Hood” caught the attention of major labels eventually signing to Def Jam Recordings. Since releasing “Birthday Bitch,” the standout single has garnered over 2.9M plays on Spotify, reaching number 5 on the Billboard 200, putting Trap on the map nationally. His memorable birthday anthem has since been featured on HBO’s Insecure and on the prominent compilation series, Now That’s What I Call Music! 59.

Speaking of Birthdays, Trap Beckham just celebrated his and scenes from the party showed that his #lifeisit is more than just a tag; you can catch a glimpse of the party here

Overall rating…man this young lion is on the march bringing back the fun to the music and I’m reminded of the way Fresh Kid Ice Wong (RIP July 2017) and his compatriots of 2 Live Crew kicked off that rump shaker genre way back when! It’s a 4/5 for me because old heads aren’t supposed to enjoy this kind of music…it’s a 1 point deduction for too much fun. ~ JD

Trap Beckham (press photo)

Trap Beckham (press photo)

The Hype Magazine got Trap to weigh in on a few things

Emerging from the shy young cat to rising star, describe the artist, Trap Beckham.

Oh man this has been a journey man. Trap Beckham is someone who is continuing to learn, every day, just taking one day at a time. Trap Beckham is a very patient person, and when it comes to music, he understands that coming from where he comes from in Jacksonville, Florida, it’s gonna take some time to build the platform that he needs to be successful. So, like Trap Beckham is cool, Trap Beckham always thinks he right, but you know Trap Beckham is optimistic and he will listen and he will understand when he wrong. Trap Beckham is, he lit, Trap Beckham drinks, Trap Beckham smokes, Trap Beckham is a ladies man, he’s a father, he’s a son, he’s a brother, you know and I’m still shy, but Trap Beckham loves his job he loves his job, he loves what he do. This is a passion for me so whether I’m scared or not, that’s the thrill of it. That’s what I live for.

You’ve come a long way from just wanting to hear yourself on the radio, besides more awards, what’s on your bucket list to accomplish as an entertainer?

Some dope features, I want to hit that hundred song Billboard mark like Drake did, I want to be that into it, I want to be known, super big like you know outside of awards. There’s Grammys that people have that people you  don’t even know who they are, so it’s like getting the award that’s something okay once you got it, it’s in your house, and then what? So, like I mean I want to keep continuing to be inspired from these big OGs and make it. You know they make it possible for you to even imagine some of the stuff that you can’t imagine. So, shout out to people at the top like Jay-Z, Diddy, Dr. Dre, they show you that you can be black and be a billionaire.

What’s most important to you about your upcoming EP on Def Jam?

Life is Lit. What’s most important to me is the fact that it’s my first major project, like I’ve always dreamed of the moment where I can drop something that I have a big muscle behind, that I can give the people a piece of me, you know what I’m saying? Instead of just a song, you know they’re judging me off this one song, no. I can give you all of the project and that way ya’ll will start realizing and start learning the person I am and then it will be even better when the LP comes when I’m dropping all these songs and I can really get my point across. So for now you know Life if Lit is six songs, it’s dope, I got some dope, dope skit surprises with some popular people, so it’s gonna be crazy man. Shout out to all the producers, who laced up the thing, that thing crazy. Shout out Drumma Boy, Beast Mode, Da Internz, you know what I’m saying, and a few others I can’t even think right now, but yeah man it’s gonna be crazy. I can’t wait for Life is Lit to drop. It’s cool cause I got “Lil Booties Matter” to follow up the “Birthday Chick” record and now that’s gonna go crazy and we’re gonna double up with a double single roll out with a song called “Party & BS,” its a rhythmic record, so we gonna roll out that at the same time were rolling out “Lil Booties Matter,’ and it’s gonna be an epic movement.

Tell us a bit about Trap Beckham OUTSIDE of music…

A lot of the things I said in the first question, I guess other than the things i already said, I mean I guess I’m just a cool muthafucka, like I’m really laid back. I just be chillin. I’ve always been cool with everybody, but I’ve never been no jock rider, nothing like that. I just stay in my own lane. I’ve been my own leader and people just rock with that. Outside of the music, I like to party, go to clubs, I like to travel, because I just started traveling within the last year, so like I got on a plane like  for the first time in my life last February and since then, I’ve probably been to every major city in America. So, like it’s just been crazy. There’s not really much to my life outside of music man, I’m that dedicated to it.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” aka WTF?! moment…

I don’t even know man, there are so many “Where they do that at” moments I can’t really pinpoint one. You know when I was inside the club in South Carolina,  I think it was South Carolina, we had some bottles.. No, it was North Carolina.. it was North Carolina. We’re in the club and you order bottles,  but you can’t touch the bottle, and I was like, “Where they do that at?” Yo, like they took the bottle and they put it in a cage, locked the cage with a key, you gotta ask somebody to pour your drink, you can’t touch the bottle, so I was like “where they do that at?” Man, they need to work that out with the government, I don’t know, talk to y’all people.. that’s why ya’ll be acting a fool, ya’ll cuttin down the flow when they give you the bottle. Ya’ll can finally pour ya’ll a drink, now ya’ll super drunk.. Oh man. Where they do that at? Man, ya’ll gotta take bottles out the cage and let the people pour the bottles.

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