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The Cheeky Cheer Holiday Sweater Collection Is Out In Time For Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

In honor of Ugly Christmas Sweater Day — December 15, 2017 — Liquid-Plumr introduced a limited-edition Cheeky Cheer Holiday Sweater Collection. Inspired by the brand’s campaign, as available in three unique designs, the LP Collection shows that “there’s a Plumr in all of us.” Those three designs, you ask? They are Back-Shelf Elf, Snowball Booty, and Baby Got Ginger Back.

Taking a step back, this is a very interesting marketing campaign that other brands — both in and out of the entertainment industry — can learn from. While many cleaning products would simply position themselves as being the best on the market, rarely would the company behind such a product want to incorporate humor into its branding. In this case, the humorous products that make the Cheeky Cheer Holiday Sweater Collection not only help you remember the associated cleaning product with fondness, but also reminds us that some plumbing jobs can truly be done ourselves.

To learn more about the Cheeky Cheer Holiday Sweater Collection, I spoke with Sacha Connor, the Marketing Director for Liquid-Plumr. More on Liquid-Plumr and its very-ugly sweaters can be found online at

Who came up with the sweatshirt idea?

Sacha Connor: The Liquid-Plumr Cheeky Cheer Holiday Collection is part of our integrated marketing campaign called “There’s is a Plumr in all of us.” In that campaign we use the light-hearted humor of butt cracks as a way to turn a humorous stereotype about plumbers into a playful badge of honor. Also, the holidays wreak havoc on kitchen and bathroom drains, and we wanted to create a fun and festive reminder that using Liquid-Plumr can help prevent clogged drains — and empower you to be your own plumber — during the busy holiday season.

How long was it in the making?

Sacha Connor: Witnessing consumer and media’s on-going love for the ugly sweater trend over the past few years, and knowing that the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day creates serious strain on our home drains, we decided to jump on these holiday trends and quickly developed and executed this idea.

Who manufactured the sweatshirts?

Sacha Connor: We partnered with Creative Solutions, a product development agency, to bring our ugly sweaters to life.

Do you have a favorite of the sweatshirts now available?

Sacha Connor: Naming a personal favorite just doesn’t seem right?! We love all of them and how each character Back-Shelf Elf, Snowball Booty, and Baby Got Ginger Back has its own unique style and holiday flare. These three unique designs were a way to help us drive home the idea that there’s a Plumr in all of us — even your favorite holiday characters. With that said, the crowd favorite seems to be the Back-Shelf Elf design, as it has the most sales to-date.

Is there a goal for Cheeky Cheer? Could it possibly tie in with another project or campaign?

Sacha Connor: Our simple goal was to educate consumers about the busiest time of the year for household drain clogs and how using Liquid-Plumr can help prevent unwanted clogs this holiday season.

May there be non-holiday sweatshirts since cheeks are a year-round thing?

Sacha Connor: It is definitely something to consider!

What else is coming up for Liquid-Plumr?

Sacha Connor: Well, now that you asked, Liquid-Plumr introduced a gold bottle earlier this year to represent the “badge of honor” for those who find their inner Plumr. The gold bottle will be available throughout the year.

What makes Liquid-Plumr the go-to for pipe cleaning?

Sacha Connor: Liquid-Plumr’s thick gel cuts through standing water and works in three ways… dissolves tough clogs, prevents new ones from forming, and removes unpleasant odors. Liquid-Plumr products are safe for all septic systems and pipe types, including PVC, plastic, copper and old pipes. So whether you’ve got to force a clog through a 50-year-old set of iron pipes or just get your drain draining faster, Liquid-Plumr will always be the right choice.

What’s the last concert you attended for fun?

Sacha Connor: We’re singing along to “Baby-Got-Gingerback” over here.

Finally, any last words for the kids?

Liquid-Plumr Team: There’s a Plumr in all of us — even your favorite holiday characters!

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