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Published on January 25th, 2018 | by 00T456578754920


Maxo Kream Produces Heat with New Mix-tape Punken

Kream keeps one in the chamber to blow ya mind lyrically flossing on the Punken mix-tape.  Who is Maxo Kream? An unsigned rapper from Alief, TX representing the KreamCliccGang. Maxo Kream has a different flavor for the Houston Rap scene.  Maxo brings heavy artillery in the first track, “Bussdown.” This mix-tape is jumping and  finessin’ hardwired beats.  Maxo Kream releases a raunchy new god flow for 2018.  Clearly cloudy from swisher sweets, Maxo Kream is a crisp rhymer. Explaining his excursions of drugs, women, burners, and whips.   Hype beast content keep the collective mix-tape entertaining.  This mix-tape is a step above typical trap music due to its Houston roots, and diverse production. This is backwoods, buck shots, and bars all from a fresh face.  All Screw heads will appreciate this mix-tape.  Maxo rhymes cunning lyrics with mixed tempos, coupled with hard drops that provide the bass knock to keep your head nodding.

In the 90’s everybody in Texas owned screw mix-tapes. Cassettes with Texas signature sound orated by DJ Screw. DJ Screw brought us 3’6 in da Morning with classics like “Swang and Bang,” and Lil Keke’s “Pimp my Pen.” This sound developed into a global phenomenon. Now we see rappers from the Dirty South to New York using Chopped and Screwed breaks. The drank infused raps of today would be nothing without Texas pioneers, and Maxo Kream never fails to pay homage to his city. These 3 rd Coast roots have survived decades while remaining underground.  Although screw music is often duplicated, it’s roots and home are in Texas, with the memory of Robert Earl Davis, Jr aka DJ Screw. Lil Ray pays homage to all those predecessors. He speaks for those Texas Boyz steady tipping up the avenue; from the dirt to the mud, rap dreams.  Appropriately renamed Screwston, the city Houston is still holding it down, as the unofficial rap capital of Texas.

Maxo represents the new generation of Houston rap culture, a mixture of trap rap, lyricism and Texas lifestyle in a city where diamond cuts shine brighter than the sun, and the hustler never sleeps.

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