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Published on February 17th, 2018 | by The Rap Hippies


T.Mason & Phonic Elevate in New Single ‘Clouded’

Atlanta is boomin’, there is no question about that. As influential as the city is in music, you have some artists that will still stick to their original formula giving the city some versatility.

About 6 months ago, I was just randomly letting SoundCloud play on it’s own to see what songs pop up. I left the room and came back to a song called Southcoast by an artist named T.Mason. The flow was there so instantly I started checkin’ for his music when I could.

About a week ago, he teased a video for his fans to gain anticipation. With enough fan participation T.Mason finally dropped the visual for Clouded. As I did my research though I realized that this is a team! All Black Congress is a Hip Hop collective in Atlanta that has some real talent. It consists of not only rappers but producers too.  

There’s something in the water when you speak about Atlanta, specifically the Eastside. Not only is T.Mason from the Eastside but you have J.I.D, Deante Hitchcock, Fleetwood Fred and also Jaye Newton that are all creating music that is really catching ears worldwide.Tag teaming the track with T.Mason is Phonic, another member of the ABC, that provides the same matching feeling. I have yet to see a duo to match this chill laid back flow in Atlanta in a while. The song itself is an airy vibe but they are letting you know in small pockets that they can get down and still continue with the same lackadaisical feel . Now that I am here for the ride I am anxious to see what these guys have in store for 2018. S/O to b.rxb for the visuals. The energy truly matches the track and brings it to life.

So with all that being said….”Is you rollin’?”

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