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Published on April 8th, 2018 | by The Rap Hippies


Bodega Bamz Does What He Wants in New Track ‘Clout’

In a world where social media is the center of most people’s existence, Bodega Bamz ain’t having it! We live in a world that it’s not what you have it’s what you appear to have and it can be a frustrating time for a rapper that focuses on their music. Staying true to yourself is what Bamz sticks to.

I don’t do it for the likes, I just do what I like
I don’t do it for the likes, I just do what I like
Don’t f*ck up the count, don’t f*ck up the count
The money keep coming, keep coming, keep coming
Don’t f*ck up the count

If you’re not familiar with Bodega Bamz, you need to be. He is a native from Spanish Harlem and definitely gives off the bravado too. I was introduced to him and his music after listening to the trifecta group No Panty, a group that includes Nitty Scott and Joell Ortiz. Clout is the first single off Bamz upcoming album P.A.P.I (Proud And Powerful Individualz) slated to drop April 13th. It’s not about the likes, it’s all a facade; Bamz gets it.

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