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Published on April 10th, 2018 | by Sneakerwire Harris


Kooley High Never Come Down

Kooley High is an indie rap group from North Carolina as gifted emcees members Charlie Smarts and Tab-one adds  Never Come down to their illustrious catalog. Inspired by the 1975 film Cooley High, a Chicago based
movie with Motown sounds about coming of age in Cabrini Green projects. Camp Lo released the classic song, “Cooley High” in 1997o f the album Uptown Saturday Night. Their brand of soul-jazz rap changed lanes in Hip Hop.

Kooley High has the neo-soul  flavor for indie rap. Perhaps this group, is paying respect to the executive producer 9th Wonder, is known for his work with Jay-z and Buckshot, working with Camp Lo, and entering this era with Murs and Mac Miller. He reconstructed the east coast sound, with a soul synthesize, and shallow tempo. Described as fluid and rhythm-paced, he has a technique of sampling rhythm and blues, and uses classic artist. Kooley High without a reasonable doubt incorporates these influences into the group’s musical creations. A mixture of feel-good vibes, and slow methodical bars. Never Come Down contains hard-hitting conscience wordplay on an array of topics.

This mix-tape is soul food. Although the hooks are slightly trap repetitive, the mixture of complex tracks like, “Thru the Lens” This is atypical southern rap style. “More Than Money” pledges allegiance to meditation women, and medicated funk bars. The vibrations of the mellow treble in “No Favors” will relax your tweeter. This is for independent rap lovers. The album samples Musiq Soul Child, “Girl Next Door,” and Outkast Elevators. “Action” samples Cypress Hill, rendition of hip hop appreciation. An ode to hip hop similar to Common or Slum Village classics.  THe LP but soothes the soul. Other group members include producers Sinopsis and Foolery, and disc jockey ILL Digitz.  The rhapsody of Kooley High is an respected effort to produce an underground classic.


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