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Published on April 14th, 2019 | by Darren Paltrowitz


Shinesty’s Austin Rosmarin On How Shinesty “Isn’t Cocky, Just Better” & What’s Coming Up In ’19

Shinesty is a stand-out apparel company for a variety of reasons. Not only does it make entertaining and visually-grabbing garb that will get people talking, but the Colorado fashion powerhouse warmly (and refreshingly) encourages everyday people to “stay weird.” Shinesty makes attire for all sorts of ages, genders, holidays and climates, yet each piece it designs manages to be on-brand and fun.

I had the pleasure of doing Q&A with Shinesty marketing coordinator Austin Rosmarin about the past, present and future of Shinesty. More on the company — whose “Pac-Mac Waka Waka” suit I was married in two years ago in March 2017 — can be found online at

How would you describe Shinesty to someone that hasn’t yet checked out the site?

Austin Rosmarin: Shinesty in an online clothing retailer that specializes in making the most irreverent and outlandish clothing the world has ever seen. Meant to be worn for any occasion where you’re having a good time with those you care about, you can find your fill of Ball-Hammock boxer briefs, party suits & dresses, retro ski suits, and just about any other gear you might need for your next big event.

What do you think makes Shinesty different from other sites that offer novelty suits and/or holiday-themed clothing?

Austin Rosmarin: Bluntly, we don’t suck. There are plenty of companies out there where you can get a cheap t-shirt that will fade after one wash, or an ill-fitting Christmas suit that you can spend an evening in while scratching your neckline from the dollar store material you’ve chosen to rub against it. However, if you want a multi-use, high quality outfit with prints you can’t get anywhere else, I would recommend you shop at Shinesty. We’ve plastered the slogan on a lot of our products, but it has stood the test of time, “We’re not cocky, we’re just better.”

Do you have a favorite item sold by Shinesty?

Austin Rosmarin: Since starting at Shinesty my wardrobe has devolved into a cornucopia of in-your-face prints that I could never wear to a corporate job, but hands down the product I wear the most is our underwear. To the discontent of my significant other, I have to say, these are softest, most supportive thing to ever grace my family jewels, and we have an office full of men backing up that statement.

Have you ever heard of someone wearing Shinesty wares to their own wedding? Well, besides me…

Austin Rosmarin: The best part of working here has easily been seeing the response of our customers to the products we make. We’ve seen photos of them wearing Shinesty apparel at nearly every conceivable event — no matter how appropriate or inappropriate society might say it is — and weddings have been far from the exception. Sometimes you just need a little push from a friendly neighborhood clothing brand to remind you to stop taking the world so seriously.

What is coming up in 2019? Anything you can tell me about the brand’s upcoming plans?

Austin Rosmarin: We are adding new products to the site weekly, if not daily. While I may not be at liberty to share all of the juicy deets of our upcoming product lines and launches, I can definitely tell you to keep an eye out for our upcoming 2019 summer catalog that will display some never before conceived of goodies, which will then be shortly followed by a Christmas season launch the likes of which could only have been concocted in Santa’s naughtiest of dreams.

When not busy with Shinesty, how do you like to spend your free time?

Austin Rosmarin: We’ve got a pretty eclectic group of people working at Shinesty that enjoy a myriad of hobbies from buying and selling Victorian furniture to committing to weekly eight-hour long power brunches. I myself have been known to be found riding the Boulder mountain bike trails, professionally sucking it up at darts, and submitting lewd articles to Cosmo that they refuse to publish.

For one of our readers looking to visit Colorado, what’s your favorite restaurant near Shinesty’s headquarters?

Austin Rosmarin: Many of our employees just about live at a butcher shop not too far from here called Blackbelly. If you make it in early enough you’ll be able to snag a breakfast burrito with a rotating meat selection of their choosing mixed with tater tots, onions, and more gooey goodness. And if you make your reservation early, you’ll be able to enjoy one of the best evening dining experiences Boulder has to offer. 10/10, would put it in my mouth.

What was the last concert you attended for fun?

Austin Rosmarin: Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to venture into an underground club in an abandoned school in Amsterdam called “De School,” where an up and coming techno DJ pumped repetitious 808s for several hours, avant-garde film played in an empty auditorium, sounds of shoes shuffling and lockers opening and closing blasted over loud speakers, and you could get late night food served on lunch trays in the cafeteria. It was one of the weirdest, most terrifying, and enjoyable evenings I’ve had in recent memory. 10/10, would do it once and never again.

Finally, Austin, any last words for the kids?

Austin Rosmarin: Our lawyers have explicitly told me that I’m no longer allowed to give advice to children, so instead I’ll say if you’re looking for some ideas on your next shenanigans to get into, pop on over to, chances are you’ll find your inspiration.

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