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IMPRINT Review | Zepparella in Atlanta at Terminal West with Tiger! Tiger!

As a fan of Zeppelin, I was really excited when I heard Zepparella were playing live in Atlanta.  Admittedly, I had never heard of them, much less seen them live.  After a quick search on the web, I was delighted to find out there was quite a show to look forward to at Terminal West.

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Opening for Zepparella was another band I hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing live, Tiger! Tiger!  With origins in Atlanta, Tiger! Tiger! are no newcomers to the local music scene, bringing almost 15 years’ experience in rocking the stage with their unique sound that initially reminded me of The B-52’s, but quickly showed me they were more closely aligned with punk groups like The Clash.  Frontwomen Buffi Aguero and Susanne Gibboney serenaded the crowd from their seats and into a frenzy by show’s end.  This band’s sound was meant to make you get up and move, and they brought their “A game” for this show.  Highly recommended.

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For the headlining spot, Zepparella took the stage with their homage to the legendary Led Zeppelin.  Spoiler alert: This was not only a worthy tribute, but a damn good show apart from the iconic sounds of Zeppelin. Front woman Anna Kristina took the stage, donning all too appropriate bell bottom pants and immediately commanded the audience’s attention with her resonating vocals and flamboyant stage presence -a fitting tribute to Robert Plant.

Paying tribute to all but a few of the most iconic and memorable Zeppelin tunes, Zepparella rocked the crowd from start to finish with not only tight reproductions of classics like “Whole Lotta Love” and (of course) “Kashmir”, but even treated the audience to the occasional jam session and huge, seemingly endless solos.  I feel there was an additional element of “psychedelic” layered upon their sound, which was well-received by this crowd.  This was Zepparella’s first show in Atlanta, and hopefully not their last.  Thank you for that long trip from San Francisco, ladies.  You put on a damn good show.


 Photo Credit: IMPRINT | Cliff Yaun

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