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Q&A With Electronica Artist, Chris Tuttle

What inspired “City Lights”?

“City Lights” was inspired by the amazing city lights of Los Angeles, CA. There’s no place in the world to me quite like Los Angeles. There’s a beautiful scenic overlook in the Hollywood Hills where I captured the photo for the artwork. That’s the area of the city where the famous Hollywood sign is located. I love looking at the millions of city lights at night and how it gives off a sense of wonderment. It really makes you feel like anything is possible.

What is the process like as an artist that not only writes and performs the songs, but handles all of the production as well?

I like to switch up the process up a bit when I write and produce music. For instance, some days I start with the melody and other days I might start with a chord wheel, drum loop, or some type of sound design texture that creates a nice vibe. I think the main challenge I encounter as an artist is being as creative as possible; while holding down the very technical side of things like engineering, mixing, and mastering. Most artists and producers these days have access to the same fundamental sounds and equipment. The real fun to me is finding your own musical voice while creating sonic landscapes that truly represent you.

You came up in the music scene under many Americana artists. How did you make the transition from Americana music to electronic?

I think both genres of music appeal to me because they ultimately have the same objective and that’s story telling. Although, starting out musically as a Pianist and Keyboard player, I have always leaned more towards electronic music because the genre lends itself nicely to a more self-contained approach to music production. It’s a great musical form that lets me think beyond the traditional narratives of most conventional genres. Also, I am a big fan of composing music that is experimental and cinematic in nature. The electronic music genre is perfect for doing that as well.

What advice do you have for young artists starting out?

The best advice I can give would be to identify your musical gifts and then really put the time in working on your craft. I wouldn’t spend too much time comparing myself to others, but instead more time finding your own unique musical voice. We live in such a great age where you can write, create, produce, and market music easier than ever. I wouldn’t wait around for a record label to pick you up or some amazing connection to come along. My advice would be to get out there and create the best music you can. If you keep at it long enough, you’ll figure something out.

What can fans expect next from Chris Tuttle?

This has been such a busy year for me so far in the studio. You can expect a full length album release later this summer. I’m really excited to announce that the record will be pressed on Vinyl as well. I can’t wait to release this new album.

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