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Published on June 11th, 2019 | by The Rap Hippies


We Dare You to Sit Down During an Anderson .Paak Show…Because We Didn’t

You know, sometimes we under appreciate the true art of performing. Let’s step out of hip hop for a moment. To command a stage is something that takes practice, charisma and not to mention bravery. You have to captivate an audience of people ready for you to move them emotionally and physically. Many have tried and failed, few have succeeded. There are very few  people that just naturally create their own world when they step on stage and command YOUR energy so much so that you are in awe. That’s what I got from tonight’s performances.

It was finally showtime and better yet, time to get immersed into the funk. The electric and sometimes comical Thundercat took to the stage. Now this is my first time seeing him and wow, you just can’t deny the old school funk that runs in this mans veins. Thundercat on that guitar is a PROBLEM the way he moves his fingers and adjust his pedal just so right that it brings out musical gold is insurmountable. I feel like bringing live instrumentation is always a big plus when you are performing though. Thundercat doesn’t even really have to move for his performance to be amazing, it just is. He was literally setting the entire tone of the show standing right there. And you know he had to close out his set with his hit song Them Changes.

The second performer was the self proclaimed “Queen of Lullaby Rap”, Noname.  People that truly know me know that this artist holds a special place in my heart. Her project, Telefone, was the first project I deemed “beautiful” when describing it in one word. I had the pleasure of seeing her last year at Afropunk and although her presence can come off shy and timid her words of a black girl journey hold so much weight. Noname came of tonight in the same fashion, performing songs like Self and her latest Song 32. This poetic lyricist is such a beautiful force that make you just want to snap after every performance.

 After a short wait The Free Nationals take the stage, the lights shut off and the man of the hour emerges from a smaller stage in the middle on his drum set. Anderson .Paak has to be top 5 best performers I’ve EVER seen. The way he goes back and forth from the drums to literally PERFORMING right in front of you had me tired for him! Dancing singing and smiling, that’s all he does! He even came into the crowd and hit a two step with a select few fans. You can truly tell Anderson enjoys what he does and maybe that’s why he does it so well, because he’s having fun. Nothing compares to an artist that was blessed with showman ship the way .Paak is. The crowds energy went sky high as he played songs like 6 Summers, King James and one of my all time favorites, Glowed Up.

All in all it was an amazing experience from the lights to the music to the crowds overwhelming energy. This show was something special.


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