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Beautifully Bamboo: The Beauty Wellness Brand Ready to Introduce Bamboo Silica to All Health Regimens

Beautifully Bamboo is the wellness & beauty brand that the industry has been waiting for. Launching in 2017; Founder Nadege Lewis believed that bamboo silica was an ingredient that provided great benefits but yet hard to find in the marketplace for usage. Silica is an essential nutrient critical for healthy hair, skin, nails and bone formation. Bamboo is the richest source of plant-based silica in the world. The high silica content is what makes bamboo the fastest growing plant in the world (some species grow up to 3 ft. a day).

Bamboo is essentially a silica superfood! The results of consuming adequate silica include thicker, healthier, shinier, hair, rock hard nails as well as beautiful skin. Fun fact, the body cannot produce collagen in the skin without silica being present. Collagen supplementation is big right now and bamboo silica is the perfect complement by enhancing the performance of a collagen peptide regimen. 

Beautifully Bamboo’s flagship product is their organically grown bamboo tea. Bamboo tea is wildly popular because it provides access to bamboo silica in a highly absorbable liquid form. Bamboo Tea is decaffeinated, low in calories, and high in antioxidants! Bamboo tea is a great addition to any beauty regimen because it supports beauty and health from the inside out. 

Starting off as a blogger for her lifestyle blog; Nadege’s article listing the benefits of bamboo tea resonated with the blog’s audience. Noticing the void of bamboo tea in the marketplace, Lewis decided to take matters in her own hands and created her company Beautifully Bamboo. 

“I hated finding myself in a situation where I really wanted to try an interesting product but couldn’t find it locally or online. I wanted my audience (and everyone) to have the opportunity to try bamboo tea so I made it possible,” stated Lewis. 

“The first hardship I encountered was when my first supplier stopped supplying inventory as demand grew. One of my buyers posted a YouTube video review of how she used bamboo tea in a regimen that quickly resulted in 1 inch of hair growth. The video that went viral. A bunch of orders came in so I quickly ran out of inventory. I was scared to death of looking like a scammer who stole people’s money by not shipping out the products. The supplier was no longer responding to my inquiries because their business grew as well. I emailed every customer and let them know that I had no inventory and asked if they wanted a refund (while I researched for new manufacturers). Surprisingly, most of them chose to wait until the product became available again. One sleepless night later, I finally found a supplier that could meet growing demand. The rest is history.” explained Lewis.

After overcoming this obstacle, Beautifully Bamboo became a hot commodity; expanding it’s product offerings to include silica-rich supplements, a bamboo infused facial oil, silica enriched protein powder and vitamin enriched “conditioner boost” that you add to any conditioner to enhance softness and moisture. Beautifully Bamboo believes in the power of plant-based silica to impact the body both inside and out. Silica declines in our body as we age. Beautifully Bamboo promotes youth by supporting optimal silica levels and all the wonderful benefits associated with it. 


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