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The Worlds First Cryptocurrency Platform Designed to Meet the Unique Needs of the Global Hip Hop Community

Hopstox Creates the First Cryptocurrency Platform to Allow the Global Hip Hop Community to Experience the Full Economic Benefits of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technologies.

Founded in 2017, Hopstox Inc. is an intelligent wealth creation platform developed specifically for the Global Hip Hop industry. The Hopstox platform allows Hip Hop Entrepreneurs to leverage their music, art, and culture by creating cryptocurrencies pegged by the value of their digital assets. Hopstox is currently developing a unique Blockchain Protocol that would allow Hip Hop Entrepreneurs to experience the power of liquidating billions of dollars worth of Intellectual Property.

By tapping into the power of cryptocurrency, contributors shaping the Hip Hop industry can access the full financial value of their digital assets and illiquid Intellectual Property such as music videos, songs, copyrights, beats, and even a brand’s inherent intangible value, as determined by third-party valuation. Hopstox Founder Kiel Mansa stated, “when the Hip Hop culture engages with cryptocurrency, wealth will become more accessible to Hip Hop’s content creators – the world’s most socially influential group of entrepreneurs.”

Minted in the Hip Hop Treasury, the Hopstox digital currency serves as the financial backbone of the new Global Hip Hop Music Infrastructure. Unlike speculative cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Hopstox is pigged by digital assets with value and are overcollateralized to protect against inflation and volatility. Due to these unique factors, Hopstox is a great alternative to speculative cryptocurrencies and has the potential to ease the worries of sophisticated investors. Due to the fact that they are pegged by the value of performing digital assets, they perform similar to traditional stocks, yet leave Hip Hop Entrepreneurs with 100% ownership to their copyrights.

Hopstox is currently operational and offers cryptocurrency development and cryptocurrency administration services to Hip Hop Entrepreneurs starting at only $25/month. During their PRE-ICO phase, $2,000,000 Hopstox coins will be exchanged for 50 cents each. Immediately concluding the PRE-ICO phase of distribution, Hopstox plans on releasing to the public its unique protocol, a cryptocurrency wallet, and an online crypto exchange buy and sell the crypto tokens of your favorite Hip Hop Brands. At the moment, companies interested in accepting Hopstox in exchange for their products and services can do so by registering at

Hopstox was built to ensure that those who founded Hip Hop and those who have added value to Hip Hop will forever benefit from its continued expansion. Hopstox will allow artists the ability to compensate service providers and fans with their very own cryptocurrency. This will increase economic productivity and will ensure that the Global Hip Hop community has access to the capital necessary to cover the costs to manifest their dreams. Hopstox is expected to facilitate billions of dollars worth of commercial transactions that would not have been possible otherwise.

Hip Hop artists, producers, songwriters, and publishers are encouraged to experience the benefits of having their own cryptocurrency by visiting

To purchase Hopstox coins and participate in the PRE-ICO, visit

For more information about Hopstox Inc., please visit

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