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Jaysin Interview

The name says a lot. Jaysin is one of the most promising new artists to ever hit the
scene. For years, he has been networking all across the U.S. in his vintage GMC van, which
also makes several appearances in Jaysin’s music videos and weekly Youtube vlog, “Living
With Sin”. From Cali streets to Cleveland, to the Gathering, to the pristine forests of Michigan’s
Upper Peninsula, Jaysin puts his brand on everything, everyone, and everywhere he touches.
He has even recruited a diehard, cult-like following of like-minded “sindividuals” and formed
what they affectionately refer to as the Sin Militia.

What are your inspirations?

My inspiration comes mainly from my dad being a DJ when I was just a young prince.
That was when I was exposed to rap for the first time. I instantly knew then there was nothing in
this world better than rap music, and nothing I would rather do with my life, than to become a
famous rapper, and that is exactly what I am doing. My parents divorced when I was little,
which was a big blow to me, and I moved to Alabama with my mom… Morgan County
Alabama… Meth Mountain… Just like how I instantly knew that rap was for me, I also knew
that Alabama wasn’t. My main inspiration was always to get out of there, and make something
out of my life. Well, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing ever since. I sold all of my crap and
started touring America in my G Daddy Shag Wagon (van) for the sake of rap.

So, Jaysin, where in the world are you now?

Right now I am in Upper Michigan working with this mysterious character we call Skee
Mask Beats. He invited me to his secret laboratory to do some work a few weeks back. I flew
up to his place, and we made the greatest projects of my life. I flew back to Detroit for a couple
days, and ended up turning around and driving all the way back, because the game don’t stop,
and I truly believe that me and Skee are destined to make real history.

Tell us more about the projects that you’re working on…

Currently, I am working with Skee Mask Beats on my weekly video series’ “Living With
Sin” and “Savage Way Saturday”. New episodes are dropping every single Friday & Saturday
on my Youtube channel – SINGODTV. We also just wrapped up production for my next album,
“Sin God”, which will be released as 2 EPs on October 11th. One EP is called Sin and the other
is called God, which are both completely produced & engineered, of course, by the homie Skee.
A few days ago, we traveled to Mackinac Island and shot the first video, “What it Ain’t” off the
God EP. For the video we had fans submit home videos of themselves, which we incorporated
into the video. The response was amazing; we had people from all over the world and from all
walks of life submit videos. The craziest thing is that Skee and I have put all of this content
together in the first 2 weeks of me flying from Detroit up to his secret lab in the Upper Peninsula;
our synergy is truly unstoppable and I can’t wait to see what we come up with next.

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