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Published on October 17th, 2019 | by Hype Editorial


EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: ELEO Releases Stunning Sophomore Music Video, “Fly Away”

ELEO, a young pop R&B artist, has returned with his second music video for his single “Fly Away”. This music video is a fan favorite single off of his debut EP, 24 O’clock, and can be a visual representation of what it means to persevere through the dark times.

In this new music video ELEO first introduces himself in front of a mirror, speaking a french monologue from the movie “I Killed My Mother”. This sets the tone for the next scene where we see ELEO laying in a bathtub, alone, surrounded by empty alcohol bottles. Throughout the video he is seen sulking through the vacant home, singing about wanting to fly away from his thoughts. The last scene shows a white dove flying away from ELEO’s hands, leaving the audience to interpret that he is finally free of his ominous thoughts.

Always being in awe of the beauty in vocals, production and beats were initially an afterthought to ELEO until he moved to Florida and discovered the world of hip-hop. ELEO then paired his operatic studies, love for R&B legends and appreciation of underground production to create his own sound.

In 2017, ELEO won first place in the North American segment for the Chinese singing competition, “Superboy”, and was sent to record the show in China. While in China, ELEO felt out of place and was overwhelmed with loneliness. He manifested these emotions into writing his debut EP, 24 O’clock, which was produced by Grammy Award nominated engineers.

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