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Published on October 19th, 2019 | by Essince


UK artist G1 releases new video “Pull Up” and discusses influences

G1 is a globe-trotting recording artist with roots planted in Jamacia, London and mainstay Los Angeles. 
Family very supportive of his endeavors. Origin of the name comes from a product of his environment, it was through a passion for creative writing he discovered his career as a professional recording artist.  
Finding his dream, G1 found inspiration in like-minded street-raised artists like Meek Mill, Chief Keef, Giggs and Drake. Studying the greats, G1 crafted a different, versatile, modernized, yet unique sound that would spark his popularity. Establishing a following in the underground, waiting for his call up, G1 prepares his dozen thousand Soundcloud followers for his biggest song yet. 
Ready to be the change that music is desperately needing. An admirer of the popular U.K. sound, on what’s missing in music, G1 describes, “I kind of feel like the U.K. scene is kind of underrated some people may not feel like that but to me it is and there is a lot of great talent in the UK that needs to get the exposure they deserve.
It’s an infectious sound that can be expected throughout G1 upcoming releases and forthcoming collective inevitably approaching. For a guaranteed hit, G1 looks to his ride or die for the direction of his formal introduction. Reasons being, “Just from being in the streets you have that one main person that’s like got ur back throughout everything no matter what and she keeps you motivated and u can pull up on her anytime through bad and good.”
For his forthcoming effort, he proud states, “Some great features and nothing but fire on the project and ain’t come up with it yet but going to be something along the lines of representing the U.K. but in America.”

In 2019, G1 transition from unknown treasure to well-known new sensation. He makes you want to look, and with his new single, soon-to-be hit, “Pull Up,” powered by his own imprint, this best-kept secret is soon to be fully outed. You’ve been notified.  

How did you get started in music?
I always loved music , so one day I put on a YouTube beat and wrote a song & went to the studio and recorded it and I liked it and the feed back was great so I continue from there.

Who did you listen to growing up?
Dizzie Rascal, 50 Cent, Chipmunk, Giggs 

How would you describe the current UK music scene? Do things like Drake’s involvement in the new season/soundtrack of “Top Boy” help potential fans in the US/Canada?
The UK music scene is great got a lot of wavey artist I feel like it’s kind of underrated and should be more recognized in my opinion& not sure I feel like drakes involvement in top boy is giving people who wasn’t focused or watching the Uk scene look into and that’s all over.

How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard you?
Different, unique, drippy 

What are you currently working on?
Not working on any specific at the moment but I’m dropping singles and got big projects in the process.

What are your ultimate goals with music?
To show people who wasn’t or don’t listen to the English or the Uk scene to tune in and to show that where I’m from the people that didn’t think it’s possible there is a way.

Where can fans find you online? Any shout outs?

On Instagram and Snapchat (@g1junior)


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