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Q&A With Ray Patricks Lead Singer for Last Kiss Goodnight

Last Kiss Goodnight is a new find for us, the Alt-Rock band from Baltimore is a heavy-hitting crew of five that loves making music together. Their latest full-length project “Immortal” is an exciting body of work that makes one look forward to the next offering with great anticipation. We got a chance to meet the group via their Lead Singer Ray Patricks to discuss the band and what brought them together, their top five picks from their work to introduce themselves to listeners and more.

From the outside looking in, who is the group Last Kiss Goodnight?

We are an Alt-Rock band from Baltimore, MD comprised of 5 very gritty musicians that love playing music together.

What brought you all to the entertainment industry, music specifically? 

I think it’s the constant need to create and perform. And performing in front of a live audience is definitely an adrenaline rush. I know my endorphins kick in after a powerful and commanding performance out on stage.  An overwhelming reaction from an excited crowd is a high that I can’t put into words. I think it’s better than skydiving naked from an airplane! Ha!

What do you want people to get from your music? 

I think we would love for any of our songs to stain the brains of any of those that listen. Even more so, to become the soundtrack of certain moments in people’s lives. Whether its a romantic or painful moment. A blissful or angsty one. I would be honored if someone’s inner Lloyd Dobbler showed up outside of his/her boyfriend/girlfriends bedroom window while holding a boom box (those are making a comeback) in the air and one of our songs were blasting from the speakers… yeah, i think that would complete me.

Tell us about your current project and where it stands for you in your body of work.

Currently, we are doing a few select dates in support of our debut release “Immortal”  which dropped back in October of 2019. We have gotten a lot of great press and acclaim with the album locally and nationally. We have released two singles to radio off “Immortal” (Love Separation and Miss Anything). Both songs have and are doing well with radio. we are also charting with strong numbers on billboards and foundations rock indicators. Within a week or so we will be releasing the new video for our song Miss Anything. That will be available on youtube, our website, and other social media outlets. Not forgetting to mention that our album “Immortal” is available on all streaming services.

For new listeners, what song of yours would you pick as an introduction to you as an artist?

Top five:

Miss Anything

Love Separation


Son of a gun

These Bones

Tell us a bit about your work and passions OUTSIDE of music…

We all have different things that drive us. Two of us are photographers and videographers (Carlo and I). Rob recently won a poker tournament. Dan loves to go off roading in his Jeep. and Kevin… Kevin owns a guitar shipping company called “ship guitars”. Kevin also loves the adventures that come along with finding a good box wine and the ritual of listening to any of the tool records from front to back.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” aka WTF?! moment…

I think it has to be Dan cutting his hand open on his guitar. Dan plays with passion. Whether it’s at a live show or a rehearsal, Dan really hones in his craft. So much so that the man bleeds for his art. I think dan has cut his hand open over a dozen times with in the last year. The most recent was at our album release show. I think he got some blood on some of the people in the audience. He still hasn’t wiped the blood off that guitar (Fender Toronado 2001). Dan says that it adds character. I say whatever keeps him performing with passion and writing amazing beds of music for me to sing too.


Meet the Band

Dan Stroud (Lead and Rhythm Guitar, songwriter):

A multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer, and producer, Dan’s melodic riffs are renowned throughout the Central Pennsylvania and Baltimore music scenes. Stroud spent a few years compiling songs which would become the foundation for Last Kiss Goodnights’ debut album “Immortal. His previous projects include: Cable, Vesch and The Last Goldfish.

Robert Lasky (Drummer):

Is the founding member of Last Kiss Goodnight. Versatile and commanding, New York native Robert Lasky’s percussion styling contributed to the regional success of several Baltimore based bands including Mona Lisa, Tattoo Taxi, Live Alien Broadcast, and The Royal Wigs. Throughout his career he has performed before various national acts, including Good Charlotte and Limp Bizkit and was voted one of Maryland’s Top Drummers by Maryland Musician.

Carlo Pizzaro (Lead and Rhythm Guitar):

DC and Baltimore based musician Carlo Pizzaro emerged on the DMV alternative rock scene shredding with global internet famed 51 Peg and My Enemy Complete, in addition to playing with performance rock band Four. Throughout his tenure with these bands Carlo has toured with 30 Seconds to Mars, Orgy, and other renowned national acts, opened for Queensryche, and headlined notable events such as the Black Sun Festival in Hartford, Connecticut.

Kevin Baker (Bass Guitar):

Baltimore, Maryland bassist Kevin Baker has toured, recorded and performed locally and national from the early 90’s to present. Kevin is most recognized for his roll in Maryland based rock bands: Live Alien Broadcast, The Mayan Factor, and Black Angel Down. Baker tours regularly throughout the United States and Mexico. ESPN X-Game Tours, sharing the stage with Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock and achieving a vast global internet fan base are only the few of Kevins accomplishments in his career as a rock bassist and musician.

Ray Patrick (singer, songwriter):

Before joining Last Kiss Goodnight, Ray Patrick was the lead singer for national touring alt rock band Agents of the Sun (DCide records) (2002-2009). During his time on the road with Agents, Patrick performed for numerous-large-audiences, toured and shared the stage with many other top national acts (311, Papa Roach, Trapt, Three Days Grace, and many more) and wrote/recorded two studio albums with Agents of the Sun (Aurora 2003, Monarchs of a Fallen Society 2005) before the group disbanded in 2009.

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