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3ohBlack Wants to Put DMV Back on the Radar

Upcoming rapper 3ohBlack helms from the DMV area and is ready to not only put the DMV area back on the radar but make a name for himself as well. He was already featured in Rolling Stone magazine for his single “All Talk” and it helped him gained some momentum and exposure for himself, as his video caught on as a meme. 3OhBlack is ready to follow it all up with some more crazy singles and hits in 2020.

The Hype Magazine sat down to talk to the budding rapper about DMV’s rap scene, how he got his name out there, and his viral hit “All Talk”.

Tell me about yourself and how you got involved with the DMV rap scene.
I’m from DC. I started in a Go Go band.

What is Go Go music?
It’s a mix of trap and rock and roll. A lot of the Go Go clubs were shutting down, so I started hosting. I thought that was boring for me. I did that for 6 months to a year. I tried rapping and people were telling me no that I couldn’t do it. But I didn’t listen. They said I sounded just like other rappers.

How do you plan on breaking into the rap scene then?

Leggin music is what I’m trying to break through with.

So it’s a new genre or style you are creating?


Where did you get your name from?

I’m from third street in DC. My grandma used to call me Blackie when I was younger. So I put it together.

Your songs were on Soundcloud. Do you think Soundcloud helped elevate your career?

No, not really. Spinrilla was a website where I could drop mixtapes and that is what helped me out big time.

The “All Talk” video was a bit violent. Where do you stand on the topic of violence?

It definitely is. I don’t condone violence. I condone people protecting themselves at all costs though.

The video sparked many memes and Rolling Stone wrote about it.

Every week there’s a new meme but the Rolling Stone piece caught me off guard. People be tagging this and it was on BET Jams as well.

How do you plan on branching out of the DMV area?

This year is gonna be crazy. I previously performed in Miami and California three years ago. I’m gonna put out more music in 2020. I got a couple videos as well.


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