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Published on May 18th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


DJ Group ONEDUO Gives Back to NYC Hospitals Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

In light of the recent pandemic, the NY based DJ group ONEDUO has been doing a number of things to raise money and give back to their community.

When the pandemic first hit, the group released a music video remixing the internet hit ‘Corona Virus’ featuring notable talent such as Akon and Chris Harrison from The Bachelor. All proceeds from the streams are donated to the Solidarity Response Fund by the WHO. Now, the group has shifted its focus to target their community. Through live stream DJ sessions on Twitch, the group has raised over $2,000 that has since been donated to build an outdoor memorial at Forest Hills Northwell Health, a hospital in Queens, to honor those who have been effected by Covid-19.   

New York Natives, Image Courtesy of ONEDUO

“We wanted to shed a positive light on what is a very terrible situation regarding the Coronavirus,” said said Mike Scimeca and Steve Georgilis of ONEDUO. “Even though the video has more of a lighthearted approach to it, it is our duty to make sure to show everyone that these videos were created to show social distancing and ways we could still have fun while staying safe. We saw on social media platforms that there were a small amount of college students totally disregarding the social distancing rules and partying on spring break with no regards for anyone else’ health. In today’s society, reaching the younger masses through social media is the easiest way to spread messages. We believe that incorporating the message in a fun, light way with some of their favorite celebrities would help the majority of our generation understand this was a “cool” way of staying safe.”

The group, who has been social distancing in New York is witnessing first hand the devastation of this pandemic and take it to heart to help in whatever way they can. ONEDUO has a dream of impacting the world with not only their music, but their approach to one another and setting a precedent for how those with a platform and an audience should act and inspire others to do the same. ONEDUO has been creating an iconic sound and gaining recognition in the industry having played at major music festivals like Electric Zoo, Amsterdam Dance Event, SXM Festival St. Maarten and Miami Music Week and currently trying to raise spirits of their fans through live performances on different social media platforms.

Image Courtesy of ONEDUO

“We were fortunate enough to be healthy and not as personally affected by the virus as some others that we have seen and read about, so we felt we were in a good place to help others,” they added. “Communicating our message through our music and content and donating the proceeds to help fight against this horrible virus is just our way of giving back to the community, as we believe it is important for society to be together and strong as a unit to come out on top.”

Since forming in 2012, ONEDUO continues to take the dance world by storm. Their remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Sick Boy” garnered over 6 million views on Proximity. Their remix of Lodato’s “Home” earned them a number 1 spot on the Billboard Dance Charts as well as their mix of Bumbasee’s “Tooth and Nail” which was one of the official soundtrack songs on the new “Need for Speed: Heat” along with many other notable artists like Diplo, Kendrick Lamar and Toro y Moi. Their latest collaboration, “Blink” with singer Vassy marks a celebration of her 10 years of topping the Billboard Dance Chart and is already seeing much acclaim on the top 40 charts.

For more information on ONEDUO and how you can join their cause, follow them on Instagram.

For all their music, find them on Spotify. 

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