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Published on May 21st, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Rapper/ Producer Young Paris Launches Instagram Face Filter for His Iconic African Tribal Face Paint

Young Paris

Young Paris  has become known for his traditional Bakongo Tribe face paint.

When asked about his face paint, Young Paris said ” This face paint derives directly from my father who led the National Ballet of Congo in the 1970’s. In their region they would signify different tribes based on their face paint and regalia.  My family comes from the “Bakongo” Tribe who are some of the oldest people on the planet deriving from Bantu natives who migrated across all of South,West, to North Africa. It is traditionally worn to celebrate the life of a new born, a right of passage for teenagers into adults, common celebrations, and also death in the family.  Since my father died in 2012 i wore it consistently and kept as part of my image as I travel and entertain in homage to celebrate my fathers legacy and deep tradition.”

For the first time after years of inspiring thousands of diaspora fans and hundreds of celebrities who’ve imitated this paint on magazine covers and even ,movies, fans are now allowed to be a part of the “Bantu Tribe” in seconds thanks to this face filter created by web developers “Boombox Creators” for Instagram. Anyone can browse by searching “Young Paris Face” in their face filters on Instagram stories.

Check Out “Young Paris Face” filter on Instagram (Only Accessible via Mobile Device): https://bit.ly/youngparisface

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