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Jason Little Offers a Little “Salvation,” For Women and “Lucky Man Fresh, For Men!

Jason Little from 90’s R&B Group Ol’ Skool is back with his new single, “Salvation.”

Tough times don’t last, tough people, do. Jason Little knows this all too well. Little was part of the popular 90’s group, Ol’ Skool who produced the hit, “Am I Dreaming,” which featured Keith Sweat and Xscape. Since Little has faced some turbulent times. After the group dismantled, he found himself homeless and lacking direction. However, his resilient spirit is serving him well. 2020 has not been the ideal year for many of us. Despite the setback that has been 2020, Little has produced his own fragrance, a men’s cologne named, “Lucky Man Fresh,” and he’s also made his way back to the studio. Providing a new single titled, “Salvation.” Pushing forward and excited about the possibilities, Little plans to produce more music and is currently working on an advertising/marketing strategy for his cologne!

I caught up with, Little to discuss his hot new single and his amazing new fragrance line.

You got a few things going on now. How are you doing?

Jason Little: So far so good, man. Just really trying to stay positive. You just really don’t know what to expect during these times, so it’s kind of scary in a way. I don’t know how things are gonna be, so I’m just trying to roll with it and stay positive, keep my mind occupied, stay busy and just hope for the best. It’s crazy right now.

Your fragrance, “Lucky Man Fresh,” is an amazing cologne. It truly smells great. Last time we spoke, it was just an idea. How did it come to fruition for you?

Jason Little: It was an idea I came up with. I have always liked fragrances and I just started researching one day like, “Man, that would be nice. I want to do a cologne.” So, I just started researching a whole bunch of companies to see who I could team up with to do a fragrance. I talked to several companies and one company, me and their people just really clicked. We got together and developed. The name of the company is, Alpha Aromatics. They are out of Pennsylvania. The chief perfumer who made the scent is, Roger Howell. He’s a brother and he’s did fragrances for, Diddy, Celine Dion, J-Lo and some others. We just went back and forth trying to get it right for like a year. It took me a whole year just trying to get it right. Man, I’m super-super-super excited about it. It’s hard as hell trying to get it going and get it out there as you could imagine.

How difficult of a process was it to get the scent that you wanted?

Jason Little: It was very difficult. If I was able to just fly down there, get with them and go into the lab, it would have been, probably a little easier. But we had to go back and forth through the mail system. Me telling him, “Okay, pull back on this, and add a little bit more of that,” or “This is too this and this is too that.” We just kept going back and forth through them mailing me samples. It was fun though. It was actually fun, but just really time consuming. It took a while to get that right scent. I really liked the company and they were really patient with me. Sometimes I was like, “Man, am I being too picky?” But it’s like they were saying, you have to get what you want. They just kept working with me, man until I was happy, and I really appreciate them for that.

How satisfied are you with the final product?

Jason Little: I’m very-very satisfied with it. there are a couple of tweaks that I wish I could have made, but after a couple of times it was starting to go in another direction, so I had to pull it back. It’s like, “I like this thing right here, but if we could have done this…” I’m really happy. I love the smell, man. I absolutely love it. I wear it every day.

It’s an amazing product. I don’t just throw out endorsements. It’s great.

Jason Little: Thank you, man.

It’s available online and if they are in Jonesboro, Georgia they can get it at, Anna Beauty Supply. Tell us about it.

Jason Little: Online, people can purchase it at It’s a funny story… you know how we go to the beauty supply and grab some durags or something. I started talking to the owner. I told him that I was working on a scent. That I was working a fragrance for men. He was like, “What? Really?” This is a Korean guy. “What made you want to get into that?” I told him and everything. He told me when I got some samples, he would like to check it out. When I started getting some samples, really before I picked which way I was going to go, I started letting him smell a few of em and he loved it. he said, “When you get this packaged up, lets sit down and talk.” I said, “Do you think this is something you would carry?” He said, “Yeah, lets talk.” Man, that whole year, I was just going back and forth to that lil beauty supply, “I got my samples…” “Okay, let me know when you get it packaged.” Then I would go back, “I got my bottles.” “Okay, let me know when you’re all the way up and running.” We finally got up and running. I think we launched in May. I took the presentation to him, he loved it and he was like, “Let’s start slow, I’ll throw a few samples out there and see what my customers think.” So, he started doing that and he said everybody was loving it.

So, I said, “Do you think we can carry the bottles.” He said, “First, bring me some fliers. Let’s let people know a little bit more about it.” I got some fliers made up with some information and I gave him some more samples. He gave those all out and he was like, ‘I tell you what, you get a display made and I’ll carry it.” So, I went out and got the display made. That took about 4-weeks. Finally got that back… actually yesterday. So, I got that and took a few bottles up there because he said that we were going to start real small. I took a few up there and hopefully the rest is history as they say. Hopefully, everything works out. He did tell me that they have like 220 stores. So, he said, “Let’s just see how it goes here, and then we’ll start adding.” Now, I’m working on the marketing and advertising which is very hard. Something can be sitting in the store and people still don’t know what it is. So, I’m trying to figure out… I have a couple of things that I’m working on as far as advertising.

It sounds like a process, but I think if you keep grinding away at it, it will take off.

Jason Little: Thank you, man. Thank you. I hope so. It’s a miracle, man. I’m gonna tell you, I don’t have money, I’ve been homeless before, it’s a miracle that I got this far. And I know it took a year (laughing) to get this far, but I’m very happy about it, very excited about it. I have some pretty nice sales. To a lot of people, they would probably look and think it’s nothing, but I’m so appreciative to the few little sales I got, and my goal is to one day be in a Macy’s or Walmart. So, I’m just going to keep pushing, man and see how far I can take it. That’s all I can do.

It’s great to have you back in the studio as well. You just dropped a single on us named, “Salvation.” How did you come up with this one because it’s hot?

Jason Little: I came up with it, I was trying to figure out… I wanted something a little different for myself. As an R&B singer, it used to be about me singing and trying to show my vocals. I was like, “Man, it seems like people really don’t care about that or wanna hear that anymore.” It’s something where I tried to be a little more caring. I wanted to do something fun, so me and Teah… that’s the writer I work with, we just came up with the concept. And it just really kind of flowed, man. I wanted something freaky but not too freaky, and I wanted something caring. So, I was like, “Let me sneak a few notes in there; R&B notes.” I sang it a little softer than I normally would. Just trying to really be more current. It’s so hard being an R&B artist nowadays, because if you go in and try to blow, they gonna say you sound old or you sound dated. So, I was trying to get something a little bit more today.

It’s crazy how much the game has changed. You are literally saying, you had to hold back on your full vocal range and talent to be accepted. What a time to be alive. Damn man.

Jason Little: Exactly! Man, you said it. It’s a lot of blogs out there that actually get mad at artist for trying to fit in. They want to hear the artist still do their thing, but they don’t get the attention when they sing. When they sing-sing, they don’t get the attention, so now you have artist experimenting with auto-tune and spit the vocals faster just to be accepted. So, you’re right, man, it’s crazy. It seems like a downfall to be a vocalist. I think right now people really love it live. When you go live, I think people really appreciate when you can get in there and really blow. But on record they kind of like a different sound. I don’t know… it’s weird.

Your son, Jason J. Little put out a video basically saying how you are his hero and how watching you grind so hard is inspirational to him. We can suspect we are our kids hero and we can suspect that they are watching, but to hear it and see it in video form, that had to make you feel good and like you are dong things the right way.

Jason Little: Ah man! Why you gonna do me like this (laughing).

I had to bring it up because things like this should be mentioned. So many writers want to bring up the dirt, let’s celebrate the inspirational stuff as well.

Jason Little: Yeah man, it hit me hard because when he was young, he was always with me. I was one of them fathers… in the studio he was there… everywhere. So, to see him do that, it really tore me up, man. Man… whooo… (getting emotional) man, you shouldn’t have done this to me. It tore me up, man. He used to always tell me that I was his hero and stuff like that. And even his mom says, “He’s just like you.” My son is an actor. He wants to be an actor. When I tell you, he acts just like me. No matter what, he will not stop. He just keeps going and I’m so proud of him. He has a really good head on his shoulders. But yeah, it really tore me up to hear him say that. He got me really good with that one, man. I didn’t even know you seen that video.

I told you, I’m always on it and watching, my man and that video, is what it’s all about. Jason, keep grinding. I promise you it will pay off. Go to iTunes and download my man’s new song, “Salvation,” pick up his cologne, “Lucky Man Fresh.” Anything else you want to add?

Jason Little: I just want to tell you, I really appreciate you, man. You shocked me when you got the fragrance and everything, you got the record, so I just appreciate you, man. Everybody support the music and the fragrance. Hopefully, I will have new music in the near future.

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