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Published on June 5th, 2020 | by Cat


SPRTYK releases ‘Bad Temper’ visuals


In today’s fast-paced music landscape, the barrier for entry has never been higher, and the stakes for garnering audience attention and making a lasting impression, never greater; yet SPRTYK (pronounced Sporty K) is successfully harnessing the power of word-of-mouth, and the influence of editorial tastemakers to win over new audiences one release at a time.


Born and raised in the Bronx, SPRTYK encompasses everything a modern rapper should be and then some. She’s undeniably an artist with a futuristic outlook and her reach extends past her own music. SPRTYK is the CEO of STAR CLUB ENTERTAINMENT where she works as the creative director and stylist for other acts in New York’s eclectic scene including A$AP Ferg and Privilege New York. A full creative force in her own right, SPRTYK is a versatile voice on the rise. The combination of strong lyricism, cut-throat delivery and a self-curated style comes through in everything she touches.

When SPRTYK pitched her latest single “Bad Temper” for Spotify playlist consideration, it was selected for three editorial playlists (Spilled Ink, Mellow Bars, Alternative Hip Hop) and two algorithmic playlists including the coveted Discover Weekly. Those editorial and algorithmic playlists have driven the track to nearly a quarter million streams. Her highly acclaimed debut “Helly Hansen” found itself handpicked by Apple Music editors for the platform’s sought-after, The New New York playlist, whilst the Amen produced/Loui Nova directed “Helly Hansen” music video featured on Revolt TV.

Directed by J. Chance + SPRTYK — the ‘Bad Temper’ visual follows the emotional highs and lows of a top female draft pick / artist-in-bloom determined to win against all odds as she fights to escape the all too familiar “angry black female” stereotype.

Shot on location in her native Bronx, NY, an unapologetic SPRTYK literally gives two middle- fingers to the oversimplified characterisations of being bad-tempered, hostile and overly aggressive as she deconstructs her game winning resilience to her therapist. She spits, “Had to face my fears, I could’ve built a pool six feet from all the tears, I bounced back with my circle aint no room for squares.”

Exploring the mindset behind her championship aspirations—the tone shifts from assertive honesty to SPRTYK’s cocky, All Star temperament as the video cuts to courtside action for scenes soaked in intense fan energy. As the franchise player for “Star Club Entertainment”, SPRTYK knows exactly what it means to play for everything on the line.

Styled perfectly, the video captures all the buzz and excitement as the former High School point guard dons her corporate team jersey in front of a legion of cheering fans and shoulders the enormous pressure of shooting from the line for the game winning bucket.

From NYC’s underground rap scene, SPRTYK is steadily establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with across the US and overseas. Her work has landed placements on editorial playlists, and the gamut of independent Hip-Hop publications. SPRTYK counts Father, Haleek Maul, Ty Bass, and Tim Vocals as just a few of the artists she’s supported live. Expanding on her full range of skillsets to include songwriter credits—SPRTYK recently joined forces with the UK’s Santino Le Saint on “Call You When I Get Home”.

With finishing touches complete on her upcoming “Because I Feel Like It” project, SPRTYK is set to continue being one of 2020’s favourite new music discoveries.

Check out BAD TEMPER out now across all DSP’s.

Stay up to date with SPRTYK by following her socials for news about upcoming releases & more.


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