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Published on July 2nd, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Gardens & Villa Debut Hypnotic Track “Hurrah”

Gardens & Villa’s unveil their brand new track “Hurrah” today which immediately grabs listeners. Opening up with a reverbed-out drum beat that lays the groundwork for the overall trance-like aura the song emits, soon after, various keys and synth melodies are layered on. Accompanied by singer Chris Lynch’s high-range voice––dubbed with a Kevin Parker-like vocal effect, the new song is purely magic. This all amalgamates into a Beach House meets Spiritualized’s Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space feel, as hopeless, melancholic lyrics are juxtaposed with bubbly dream-pop sounds popularized by classic bands such as the Cocteau Twins. As the song forges on various other instruments are added and subtracted, but over the same, original drum beat, which only cuts out with twenty seconds left in the tune’s life.

The song is a tribute to their mentor and muse, Richard Swift, who helped the band form their debut nearly 10 years ago. It felt fated- a return to the beginning with their guru steering the ship. One month after reconnecting, Swift had passed away before the new recordings.
Catching up with Chris of Gardens & Villa this week, he gives some insight on the process of the single and their upcoming music as a whole.
Give a Listen to Gardens & Villa “Hurrah”
Your music is outstanding and you have a rapidly growing fan base. Tell us a little bit about the growth process songwriters and what it’s like to ‘climb the ladder’ so to speak.

Well for us its a bit less of a ladder and more like a long hike with peaks and valleys. We’ve been doing this for a while with ups and downs but for now we’ve realized that we are here to stay and its all about the music mannnnn. Haha but for real. It’s crazy to have a rise and fall and rise again. I wouldn’t do it any other way as I think it made us way stronger and resilient and better at our craft.

I find labeling an artists’ music to be very difficult. If you had to pinpoint where you fit and what genre you are associated to, where do you think that would be?

Funky dream poppy, jangling hippy punk dubland with a twist of stardust.

With various inspirations placed throughout, what is the inspiration musically and lyrically for “Hurrah”?
The feeling and direct inspiration for this song came about rather spontaneously when we went up to “National Freedom,” the recording studio of our late sonic guru, Richard Swift. We had previously recorded with him several times but hadn’t been up there since those final months right before he passed away 2 years ago. We set up his exact signal chain and plugged in to his instruments. Jonathan Rado (who was also a disciple of Swift) was there with us and after we started making noise, the chords and melodies of “Hurrah” started coming through. It was pretty surreal. I wrote the lyrics right as we started to record and they just kind of poured out. I drew from memories of the last night we spent together the previous summer, right before he passed. It was heavy and tuff to get through but we all felt the sort of ethereal magic presence of our friend. 
Elaborate on the recording process. Take us through the details if you could.

Adam and I were fuggin around with the chords.. He was playing synth and I, nylon string guitar whilst singing gibberish. Rado hopped on the organ and Shane and Dusty were on drums and percussion. We started jamming very loud and the percussion/beat was strong and felt like a war cry or something. Once we felt the song coming through in chords and beat, I was singing along in gibberish which slowly became words. I started penning lyrics as we were going. Crossing stuff out and re-writing. I kept asking the band what they thought of lines and it all fell into place. We rolled the tape and I think it was the second time we played the full song where we all stopped and hugged and felt like it was “the one.” We left in all of the sounds and tracks, even the original vocal. Rarely has a song come about so easily for us. It felt channeled like we were an antennae beaming sounds in from space.

At what point in your life did you pursue music to the fullest as to make a career out of it? Some artists start at a very young age while some take years take years to discover their passion for the arts. Where do you fall on this spectrum?

I was always obsessed with music. My whole family is very musical and after my parents played me Revolver and Neil Young.. I was hooked forever. I started actually playing around the age of 12 with friends in an Irvine garage with terrible songs very very loud. This evolved into a high school emo/punk/shite-core band with dyed black hair. I feel like in my soul I am still this 15 year old. But yea the passion was always there and the mystical alchemy of record making always attracted and lured me towards its secrets. Making music with Gardens and Villa forced me to up my game because everyone else in the band is so goddamn talented, I’ve always felt just happy to be here. I love singing so much and when Shane slaps the bass or Adam played keys, I am very excited to sing over this.

What successes are you most proud of in your career?
Buying a van on tour, in the middle of nowhere, on the side of the road.. After our tour van died and was smoking.. Scraping all our money together from the merch box and paying 3k in cash.. selling the new van a week later in LA for double the money, almost getting arrested at the DMV, flying to Europe for a 6 week tour the next morning. Done. Proud we made it. Also, getting stuck in the snow in Colorado and shoveling our tour van out of a ditch in the middle of the night.. Narrowly escaping a robbery in Atlanta.. or our full band getting chased out of a girls house in Toronto by her Dad after he woke up in the morning and found us in his living room/yelled at us for drinking all his beer. Playing big shows is exhilarating. Good and bad press or acclaim is always a mind Fugg. Fans continually blow us away with their dedication and connection and stories. I think most of all I’m proud of our full history and all the adventures, weird experiences/sacrifices made for the Gods of Music.
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