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Hip Hop Artist Steezy8100 Loves The Freedom Of Being a Solo Artist

Marquiece Harris better known to the music world as “Steezy8100” was one of the original members of Los Angeles all star group known as KioeBoyz. Recently going solo, Steezy continues to bring his word play and hype party style vines of rapping to loyal fans and followers. Having been a part of LA’s underground scene for almost a decade, he’s taking things up a notch with the release of his highly anticipated single “Hot Boy” this year. He loves the freedom of being a solo artist so we sat down to talk about why it’s easier than being in a group, what influences his music and what he plans to do when he gets out of quarantine.

What has been the biggest challenge about going solo?

I would have to say is grabbing people’s attention. A group is easier because it’s more than one person.

Tell us how the Los Angeles music scene has influenced your musical style.

LA gives you a different bounce. And there’s also lyrical content – I feel like I only match with New York artists. No disrespect!

Tell us about your upcoming single “Hot Boy”. When can fans expect this to come out?

It’s out on all platforms go stream that !

What artists are you listening to right now?

My top artists at the moment are Da Baby, Drakeo and myself. I listen to all my unreleased music. I want y’all to watch out for that!

What are some of your proudest accomplishments in music?

Just being able to pull away professionally from artists in my city – not one person doing what I’m doin in the valley.

What’s your advice for artists who want to put out music in 2020?

Don’t just drop music build a campaign so it can get heard. Don’t waste music.

Where do you see your career headed in 5-10 years?  

Easy call imma be legendary, up there with the greats that’s how hard I feel like I work!

Once the world gets back to some sort of normal, where is the first place you’d want to perform or tour?

I wanna tour all the US lol. I don’t I wanna be home for months at a time. I’m tired of being locked up and not being able to wild out on stage.

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