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Published on July 4th, 2020 | by Jerry Doby


Success Jr is Still Finding Success During Pandemic

As every artist has experienced a massive shockwave to their industry, this young comedian from Miami found great success, pun intended. Success Jr is a comedian in the Caribbean comedy industry and has become a marketing guru using his entertaining and funny videos on his Instagram & Twitter @success_jr.  Being the most recognized comedian within Haitian American comedy, businesses tend to use Success to bring awareness to their business from the Haitian community. For Example, in 2018, Success Jr worked alongside the Andrew Guillam campaign for the Florida Governor’s Primary Election. Guillam won as the first black Democratic gubernatorial candidate in the state. There was a huge spike in Haitian & Caribbean voters more than ever with Success on board.

Although the pandemic has placed a hold on him performing live, that did not stop him from getting paid extremely well. His company, Success Marketing & Entertainment has tripled in services from the year prior. How did he do it?  “I just adapted with the times by finding how to use my platform as a mini tv station. You have entertainment then commercials”. Success currently has a great number of politicians that are running in the upcoming election and need the hard to reach communities out and voting. Social media is making millionaires by the minute!


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