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Published on August 5th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Betty Moon Tells a Story of Little Miss Hollywood

We sat down with Los Angeles area songwriter Betty Moon, who released her latest album ‘Little Miss Hollywood’ on 7/31. With humble yet aggressively DIY roots in Canada, Moon worked her way past traditional label models at a young age to secure her first major label at a time where most people are figuring out their college major. Ever since, Moon has been producing her own music and releasing content under her label and production company Evolver Music, Inc.

With the release of ‘Little Miss Hollywood’, we spoke with Betty Moon to talk a bit more about the record, her roots and what she has going on during the pandemic. 

You released your new album ‘Little Miss Hollywood’ recently, tell us a bit more about that

Little Miss Hollywood is the title of my new single and new album which are both released today. I’ve been hopping back and forth to Hollywood since my early teens from Canada and have always felt like I’ve been a part of the scene here since then. My ex was a photographer and filmmaker and being around all the buzz of celebrities, clubs, film and art events and parties, I’ve been able to tell stories and reflect on them on this album. It is sung in first person but it’s also about the Little Miss Hollywood types in and around Hollywood that we all know and love. I’ve mellowed out a bit these days, especially during lockdown, but these songs tell a story about my tales of living life in one of the most magical and historical cities in the world.

You are originally from Toronto, how does the music scene up there compare to things going on in Los Angeles prior to the pandemic

There is great music and venues in both areas, but LA dwarfs the Toronto scene in regards to venues, artists, things to do and people to see. It’s hard to compare since the time I had much success in Toronto is so much different than essentially starting from scratch in Hollywood. Thankfully I had the work ethic and figured it out down here, but you had to really put out great music and network like crazy in Hollywood to make things happen. I put in my dues, and thankfully that paid off. With everything going on though, the playing field has truly been leveled worldwide and you could stream your show from an island and draw fans watching somewhere in Italy for all I know. It’s essentially easier to create a fanbase and participate in a niche scene simply because you have a huge market here, but harder to stand out because there are now more artists than ever. Hollywood is such an ass-kicking town and I’ve always been inspired by the vibe here.

The pandemic knocked the industry and many artists off balance, what is Betty Moon doing to stay busy while the world figures things out?

Obviously, I haven’t been playing live shows as much, so honestly this has just given me more focus and time to make great art and content. I’ve managed to release an EP, single and another LP that’s coming out on 7/31 all in nearly 8 months time. I do feel for the artists who tour for a living, but we’re all in the same boat and figuring out fresh ways to engage with an audience and monetize our career is key. I have spent a lot of time in the studio this year, probably enough to drive the average person crazy, but ultimately it’s led to some of my best work. 

How long have you been making music and how is LMH different from your past material?

I’ll just say I’ve seen my fair share of bands form, break up and repeat over the years. I thankfully have stuck to my grit and passion for music, so for over two decades now I’ve been putting out records, playing shows and making content I feel passionate about. I would say LMH takes the listener down a more guitar-fueled adventure than my past couple albums. I just make the music I feel like at the time, and LMH has a bit of everything. Funk, soul, rock n’ roll and even some metal here and there. It’s fun making music on my own terms and frankly I think Little Miss Hollywood rocks like a house on fire. It’s my best album to date and best heard LOUD. 

What made you establish Evolver Music and get into the business of running a label?

Once upon a time I was signed to multiple major label record deals. Honestly, it was a blessing and a curse. I witnessed some incredible success, but was also taken through the ringer and subjected to disappointment that lost my faith in that system. Well, at least at the time in the music business. I founded Evolver Music to have a home for my own music, content and publishing activity. I also wanted to help my musicians, employ them full time and have a more colorful agenda that included placements in TV and film. A lot of people start labels out of the desire to release their own music, or music from their friends.

I hear multiple influences in your music, was there a moment you decided to mix elements of rock, pop and even funk into your songwriting?

I grew up listening to so many genres of music, you would have laughed at my CD collection at the time. I was never the person who would only listen to heavy rock, or rap, or soul or metal etc. I loved anything that I thought was good, and I honestly believe my mix of influences early on is what helped me stand out. I started out professionally at a very young age, when grunge was at its peak and that also had a huge effect on my direction. I’d say alternative rock was more of a dominant vibe back then, but over the years my love for electronic, soul and funk have been sprinkled into my music slowly but surely. One minute I could be blasting Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Minor Threat or Refused, and the next track on my playlist may be from Sade, Bob Marley, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Lauren Hill or The Pointer Sisters. The idea of making a record in one specific genre sounds terribly boring, don’t you think?

Where can we learn more about Betty Moon?

Thanks for having me, you can find me at the below places online.


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