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Published on August 12th, 2020 | by Dj Smoke


Reality – Thoughts of You

New King of Hip-Hop SoulReality, set to drop hot new EP ‘10/1/12’ 

Everybody has a moment in life that defines them – that turning point during which something profound happens and reshapes the way you think, act and live. For Reality Wilson, that day happened on 10/1/12. That was the day he and his former girlfriend first got together and started a relationship, and the seven-hour conversation that the two of them had that evening was a dialogue that turned out to be an eye-opener for him in almost every way possible. 

Not only has he commemorated that day with a tattoo of the date on his right hand, but he has also created a new EP entitled “10/1/12” that’s set to be released on Aug. 7. Self-dubbed as a coming-of-age story, the project is one that takes listeners on a journey from youth into adulthood by way of the sounds and styles that have been developed by this budding young artist from the inner city of New York. From nostalgic vibes associated with his first love in high school to different reflections of moods and vibes that have come in the years since the end of that relationship, this EP has it all.  

“The whole project is me overcoming   the obstacles of young love and serves as a metaphor for leaving things in the past and moving on,” Reality said. “It can also serve as a metaphor of the things that are going on in our country right now. The first track is called ‘Conversation’ and we really do need to have a conversation about what’s going on right now. ‘Thoughts of You’ uses raw Hip Hop to give some of that old school vibe because everybody needs some old school right now. Every song on the EP has a message like that, and it ends with ‘Revenge.’ To me the best revenge is success.” 

When it comes to Reality’s music, he’s 100 percent authentic. He considers everything he does as a hit, though he admits that he defines a hit differently than most. While not every song will be a top-10 chart song, he said everything he creates will be a hit for a specific time and place and theme. And when the listener is in that kind of space and hears his song, it will hit them hard and in the perfect way.  

That kind of ability to hit so many audiences with such perfection is a rare talent for someone so young. At only age 22, Reality is carving a niche for himself in the industry. Already, major industry execs are looking at him with interest because he has the kind of sound and style that is unlike anything else out there.  

“I’m about real music,” he said. “Music is music. It’s a frequency. I don’t even like to call myself a rapper or singer – I’m a frequency. The art is gonna create itself. I don’t have to do much.” 

According to his manager and long-time music industry insider, Randy Connor, Reality has the kind of once-in-a-lifetime talent that is destined to change the face of Hip Hop. 

“He is an incredible talent,” Connor said. “I’ve spent a lifetime developing artists and he is super talented. He’s a legitimate MC in terms of a Rap artist, but he’s also an amazing vocalist and music producer. He does all of those things and he does them so well that we really believe he’s the new King of Hip-Hop Soul. He’s the male version of Mary J Blige.” 

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10/1/12 by Reality 

“Stuck In The Hood” 

“Thoughts of You” 

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