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British Musician and Songwriter Bexey Talks Mental Health and Maintaining Balance


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Back Story – Don’t bother trying to pin Bexey’s sound down because the ever-evolving Essex musician makes music by mood, not design. His filter-free songs are snapshots of his mind in the moment he makes them. How he feels day-to-day dictates his direction. Where he goes next is anyone’s guess.

‘Pure self-expression’ is how Bexey describes the soundtrack to his life that now soundtracks the lives of his millions of devoted followers, who have streamed his solo songs more than 100 million times (multiply that for his collaborations with like-minded musicians) and sold out every show to date. The deep bond between Bexey and the fans he refers to as friends lies in his ability to articulate emotions in their rawest form and a refusal to play by pop’s usual rules.

“There’s no holding back or hiding in my music,” says the 23 year old. “People appreciate the purity – it makes them want to be themselves and that’s the connection we have. I’ve always written about my feelings in detail, in the most direct way I can. It’s the only way I’m able to make music.”

In addressing his on-going battle with depression and suicidal thoughts, Bexey has become a beacon for a generation rife with anxiety issues, his songs encouraging others to speak out and share. Around Bexey there’s a network that’s not about status, but support.

“It’s like an extended family” explains Bexey. “Not everyone gets it and that’s fine. My aim is to reach those that do. I see them at my shows, sharing an understanding and being there for each other. That’s a beautiful thing.”

The Hype Magazine caught up with Bexey to learn more about his journey and the challenges he’s overcome to navigate the maze created by mental health issues and his climb to stardom.

From the outside looking in describe Bexey!

Someone that expresses themselves without limits, in every way.

Was there a defining moment that brought you to the entertainment industry?

I used to take out album covers and draw myself on the cover in place of the artist and make up my own tracklisting, this was before I even made music. during my time as a young boxer I would always be distracted in training because I would have rhymes running through my head which is the main reason I quit boxing. My defining moment was when I accidentally dropped a cinder block from the top of a story house which just missed someone I was working with below, at that moment I decided if I could fail at something you hate, so you might as well do what you love.

As you’ve made your way through the maze that is the music business what are some of the challenges you have faced?

Losing close ones, addiction… but ultimately self-doubt, which has brought me back to the exact reason why I started creating in the first place – to be fearless.

Mental health is a massive topic right now within the entertainment industry…do you have a mental health story you’d care to share?

Battling depression, trauma and the loss of loved ones lead me into a world of heavy alcohol abuse which I would say was one of my lowest moments. After a failed suicide attempt I finally had enough, I literally did a 180 flip and completely changed my lifestyle. I stopped drinking and started to take my health – diet and exercise way more seriously which has been key to my recovery. I’m here for a purpose and I truly believe that.

What would you say is the key factor that has helped you return to an even keel if that is the case?

Having a therapist to speak to every week has helped me massively, something previously that I wasn’t too keen on. I’ve recently become vegan, I’m also back in gym. Having people around me that genuinely listen has also been a massive help.

Who has been in your corner to see you through the tough times?

My family, my team, and some of my closest friends.

What tips would you share with the youngsters as regards keeping mental balance?

Don’t be comfortable with sitting indoors doing repetitive things or being trapped on your phone – this didn’t work for me. You discover so much just being in nature. Personally I believe happiness and a more productive life lives outside of your comfort zone. I got too caught up doing the same things every day which sent me into a downward spiral. A quote from Albert Einstein always stuck with me – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

What’s next for you to bring 2020 to a close?

We were supposed to be touring, but due to the pandemic we’ve had to reschedule, so I am putting everything I have into creating my first album which will have some exciting features and will definitely involve a wide spectrum of emotions.


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