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Published on October 28th, 2020 | by Hype S


Virginia’s Floyd Fuji Debuts Funkadelic EP ‘BLACK PONTIAC’ + Lead Single “GELATO”

No one knows the complicated creative process and all it’s pitfalls quite like Virginia’s own Floyd Fuji. His newest EP, ‘BLACK PONTIAC’, is a heavenly chronicle of all the ways that artists are distracted from reaching their full potential, from relationships gone sour to losing friends to being poisoned by self-doubt. Every song on the groovy, guitar-laden 5-track project represents an obstacle.

Although it’s been a rough year for most, Floyd Fuji has taken this time to reflect and reminisce. He often found himself moved by a certain tale of his young childhood where he scratched his name into the side of his grandmother’s classic Black Pontiac Trans-Am. While scolded by his mother, his grandmother celebrated him and championed him as a young artist. “My parents were heated but she wasn’t,” he explains. “She just encouraged me to continue to push on. This is for her. I love you.”


This timeless project is led by focus track “GELATO”, a sunny single featuring Carneyval about when relationships melt, leaving you with hard choices to make.  

“Gelato is a take on that moment when you finally sit down with your lover and say, “we can’t keep doing this over and over.” Carneyval quickly made the drum loop and before I know here I am, with my subconscious in the driver’s seat, I’m writing a song about one of the most personal relationships I’ve had.” – Floyd Fuji

Influenced by old classics like Smokey Robinson and the Commodores, ‘BLACK PONTIAC’ dances between vintage and modern while maintaining its deeply unique and personal storytelling. 

‘BLACK PONTIAC’ Back Cover Art

Floyd will also be teaming up with the charity, Downtown Women’s Center in alignment with the EP release. Donations raised for the charity will be donated back to the Center. 

Floyd Fuji’s music produces a healthy amount of nostalgia; a defining factor of all soul/R&B music. However, it goes without saying that Floyd’s knack to creatively develop vignettes through his sultry vocal delivery, pop-art like production, and timeless storytelling, develop a photo that’s far from fading. After two albums and the success of his previous artist project, Kyle Thornton and The Company, (Kyle being Fuji’s born name) the Virginia-native began producing; cultivating his influence of soul, hip hop, indie and psych rock into the soaring guitar riffs, snaking synth lines, and breakbeat soul grooves we hear to date. 

The release of Floyd’s introductory single, “Drama”, danced its way to the top of Spotify’s Fresh Finds in early 2018. Following the release of “Drama”, Fuji has dropped several other tracks, most notably “Mint” which has clocked in over one million streams on Apple Music alone as well as lending his vibes to a handful of features and production credits in the last year.


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