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Published on August 5th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Introducing: Kool Rula, a Talented Artist Who Loves Fashion, Hip-Hop, and Expressive Personal Lyrics

At times, artists are influenced by their lives and their unique backgrounds: this is what makes them special and defines the way they see the world and connect with other people: This is the case of Kool Rula. Kool Rula is a unique songwriter and artist who has gone a long way over time, becoming one of the most promising artists of his local scene and beyond! Kool Rula’s story began in Haiti, his native country. However, he relocated to Miami, Florida, when he was only two years old.

His unique heritage never left him, inspiring him to pursue music since he was always surrounded by sounds and colors that gave him the first taste of creativity through life. When Kool Rula was younger, he was a singer. He would write so much music and sing his vocal parts, but at the same time, he was developing a passion for hip-hop and started to feel that that was his actual calling. He perfected his ability to rap, but it took quite some time before he finally decided to hit that record button! Eventually, he recorded for the first time in his early 20s, and as they say, the rest is history! Kool Rula quickly realized that hip-hop was something special, an excellent way for him to express his passion and create amazing music without boundaries or limitations.

It happens with other genres (for example, a rock band can be limited to the number of instruments they have and the mastery of the band members, but rappers have a world of creative possibilities on tap, which makes Kool Rula’s sound so unique). With his music, he covers much ground in terms of what he likes to talk about in his releases. He goes for a fun and catchy vibe with some of his songs, but his shines is all about going personal. His upcoming project, “Chill Boy,” is going to be a great example of this.

This particular release will be a very reflective yet catchy piece of music, as it deals with the artist’s challenges and tribulations through life. In addition to making music, Kool Rula is also very well-rounded, and he loves to also focus on the visual aspect of his creative branding. He loves fashion. He likes to focus on capturing the perfect vibe for his music videos, starting from what he wears and making sure that the visual aspects of his works match the vibes of the audio. This way, everything is top-notch. This ability to focus on details and work hard to achieve his vision allowed Kool Rula to earn a fantastic reputation as a local artist, so much so that those who discover his music often think he’s a hot New York or LA artist; rather than a local Miami talent! This is a solid testament to Kool Rula’s expanding skill and ability to speak to the audience with his work. He knows that to be a great artist, he always has to embrace evolution and needs to move forward, evolving with his songs and creativity. Every new release is an opportunity for him to do just that and add more to his growing sonic legacy and outstanding portfolio.

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