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Published on August 6th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Who Is Gabriella Zauna?!

Singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and self-described “sad kid,” Gabriella Zauna just released her highly anticipated single, “Gold Bentleys and Red Carpets”.

16 year old Gabriella has been writing music for as long as she can remember and started producing at age 12, which she continues to do in her home studio. Zauna has synesthesia, which means her senses are intertwined and she associates each of her songs with its own color, number, texture and shape. She uses her synesthesia to bring her music to life, stay honest with herself, and tell her stories. This is exemplified through the color blue being an extremely integral part of her artistry and branding.

For “Gold Bentleys and Red Carpets” Gabriella notes, “this song is written in character about an old Hollywood 50’s family who has all the money and fame in the world, yet they are the most unhappy people to exist. Throughout the song you see them slowly starting to fall apart. The deeper meaning behind this characterization is the fact that people put on facades to show a happy fake version of themselves, when in reality they actually are ripping at the seams. You never really know who someone is.”

The Hype Magazine wanted to get to know more about this rising artist and what her new project means to her so we got her to weigh in on a few things!

From the outside looking in, who is Gabriella Zauna the artist?

I’m such a conceptual and visual storyteller, and every aspect of my music is intentional. I love creating characters and writing a whole back story about them and what they symbolize, writing from other people’s perspectives, and also writing songs about me and what I’ve gone through in my life.  Each song of mine always has an underlying dark and sad tone/meaning because it is a way I cope with strange emotions that can’t be put to average words, but words that make sense to me. I have synesthesia, so I draw out what every song looks like and feels like, whether that be shapes, colors, textures, numbers, even temperatures sometimes.

What was the defining moment that you brought to the music industry?

I have been writing songs and poems for as long as I can remember, and it was the thing I loved the most in life. But ever since I was 3, I started playing tennis and my parents thought I was going to be the biggest tennis player in the world, and it was fun until it wasn’t. I would go to tournaments every weekend and it felt like torture but I never wanted to disappoint my parents so I kept my mouth shut. I was around 12 years old when I told them I wanted to completely pursue music. It took a lot of strength but music has always been my savior and I really couldn’t see myself doing anything else besides creating and continuing to cope in a beautiful way.

Why do you specialize in sad music?

Sadness is something I’ve delt with for what feels like a lifetime and the best way I cope with it is through my music. Music never leaves and that is what is so beautiful about it. It has been my best friend ever since depression became my best friend. And I so badly wish I could just write a happy song but I mean, we will get there when we get there hahah.

Where do you look to take your listeners with your music?

I would hope that I take my listeners down the path of the story I’m telling in each song. Each song has intentional meaning and can be interpreted in so many different ways, and that’s what i love. Each sound I use is for a reason. Even though this is ironic, I want my listeners to be able to let their mind wander when they listen to my music, and not think about the darkness that they might be going through.  Music gives me the air I breathe and I hope my music does the same for others.

Tell us about the current project and what it means to you?

“God I am SO excited about this one. The concept of this project is super important to me because it speaks about not only my world, but the world we all live in and if it were in reverse, it would be a better place. The songs on here really feel like nothing I’ve made before and the most me I’ve felt in my entire artistry. I write character a lot so I love to create these characters with different backstories, live in different time frames, are fucked up in different ways, etc. But I write from my perspective and personal experiences I’ve been through that make releasing this so scary. Even though this project hits a really personal place for me, I’ve always thought of the art as priority above everything and the fear of talking about the things I’ve gone through. And I’m happy that I can share who I am with whoever is listening to my music. This project will take you down many different paths of emotion which will expose the hell out of me and i can’t wait for that to happen.”

Whats the most important thing we should know about you

I am very passionate about what I write and produce, and just trying to stay as authentic to myself as I can without being influenced by societal standards. i’m definitely not one that wants to blend in, but I see that as a powerful thing rather than vain. When you give up your authenticity, you can’t find your individuality, and then you get lost. And that is something I never want to do. One of the most important things for me is just wanting to be heard and understood through my art, when my music serves as a spokesperson for my indescribable emotions.

Where can we find you online?


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