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Published on October 8th, 2021 | by Jones


Tanner Dawson Makes a Passionate Debut With Country Single “The Man You Make Me”

“The Man You Make Me” explores what it means for your significant other to bring out the best in you through a smooth 90’s country groove.

Country Singer-songwriter Tanner Dawson delivers a heartfelt declaration of love in his emotional debut single, “The Man You Make Me,” out now. This track delves into the profound impact a genuine love has on us; Dawson reflects on a past relationship in which he found himself striving to be his best for his significant other. The British Colombia-based artist’s performance on this track drips in passion and authenticity. The marriage of sincere lyricism with a raw performance couple to create an anthemic love letter on “The Man You Make Me.” Having been reported as one of the top most downloaded country songs in Canada – among artists like Blake Shelton and Justin Moore – by RDR Music Group,“The Man You Make Me” has undoubtedly garnered itself a reputation amongst country music lovers in just a short time since its release.

“If this song touches one person, and makes a difference in their life, or their relationship, or just makes them really think, I have done my job.” – Tanner Dawson

Led by rich vocals and bright acoustic guitar, Dawson delivers a performance steeped in all-encompassing romance. The thoughtful lyricist sells every line as steady percussion drives the groove. Despite considering himself a songwriter and entertainer before a singer, Dawson seems to have no problem exploring the full scope of his vocal capabilities on “The Man You Make Me.” Buttery and unshakable, his crystal clear tone shine through the verses and blossoms into a decadent chorus; he fearlessly executes precise runs with power and grit throughout the track, as well. Dawson wrote “The Man You Make Me” and worked on the track as a co-producer in collaboration with Chris Holmes (Co-producer) and Billy Decker (Mix and Mastering Engineer). Fans can stream “The Man You Make Me” on all major streaming platforms now.

Tanner Dawson is a Country Music Artist born in raised in small-town Chase, BC, Canada. Dawson has recently released his debut single “The Man You Make Me” and is working on his debut EP to be released mid-2022. In short, Dawson is the definition of a hard-working, blue-collar boy, striving to bring his working-class grit to the country music scene.

Dawson’s traditional country vocal mixed with his influence of rock, blues, funk, and 90’s country create a very unique and broad sound that he hopes to showcase in his subsequent releases. Dawson emphasizes these different influences drastically with his live shows, which prove to be very high energy and gives “a little something for everyone”.

In an interview Dawson describes himself as “a songwriter first, an entertainer second, and a singer third”, which he later explains; “Everything has to start at the lyrics, that’s where I put my soul and my emotions out there, but once you have that foundation you have to put those words in a package that creates a fun and interesting experience for listeners and fans to experience live. At the end of the day, I love performing, running around on stage and I feed off of the energy of the crowd. The fact is though… I can’t sing like George Strait or Kenny Chesney, and I can’t play guitar like Brad Paisley, but what I can do is engage a crowd and tell truth through my music and make everyone in the audience feel like they are right on stage with me. That is what I bring to the table.”

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